It was a calm evening to take a walk, including a certain guy named Seira. He actually doesn't like to take a minute walk, unless he wanted to pranked somebody. As he was walking, he noticed a butterfly winged woman, drinking from a pond.

"Aisa lagata hai ki vah ek raakshas hai, mera anumaan"

Then, an evil idea was formed in his mind.

"Hehehehehehehe" he laughed slowly.

The butterfly winged woman didn't know that someone was approaching her.

With a slow pace, he then...


The butterfly winged woman was kicked into the pond.

With a quick pace, Seira then running away from the pond.

Then, a winged man then coming to the pond only find out that his beloved was in the pond.

"Psyche! " he jumped into the pond. He then pulled her from the pond.

"Psyche, are you alright? " he asked her concernedly .

"I'm just fine, Eros " she replied before said again "Just somebody kicked me into the pond"

Hearing about what her wife said, Eros's face started looking angry. He will make sure that the person that kicked Psyche will get his punishment.

Unknown to them, Seira was watching them from behind. Slowly, he ran away to his house and started fortifying his house.

The End

Author's notes : Looks like Seira had messed with the Greek God of Love, huh? Well, I can say that he cannot run much longer now. See you guys later!

*Aisa lagata hai ki vah ek raakshas hai, mera anumaan" : Looks like she is a demon, I guess (Hindi)