Starting a sequal. Here's a sneak peak


"What now?" she grumbled

"You went up against the Sharks?" Alex demanded towering over her as Chanteloup and the twins vanished.

"No" she replied with a frown

"The Darwin's?" he asked

"Oh yeah" she remembered, "they refused to leave. I had no idea they were Sharks. Makes sense though" she continued reading her book it was a murder mystery.

"Point is you took them on without backup" Alex said with barely contained frustration

"I handled them fine!" she replied irritated

"It could have gone out of hand" he told her trying to be calm while the brat ignored him far to engrossed in her book.

"But it didn't" she retorted putting the book down, Alex would remain there until he was done with his lecture. She had been getting a lot of those from everyone- the wolf council, Cecilia, Alex even Elenor had the audacity to lecture her! One day she'd sew their mouths shut if they kept it up.

"You can't keep taking risks and making unwanted enemies!" Alex lectured now that he had her attention.

"For my pack I will do whatever is necessary!" she snapped. She was the leader of the Wolves but they still treated her like a child. She was almost an adult now.

"Please at least take backup with you? Even if you don't use it" he asked giving up hope of getting through to her.

"The wolves were with me!" she argued

"Take more. For my sanity?" he asked. He still didn't trust the wolves not that they were any better

"Whatever makes you feel better" she said resigned to be watched over for the next couple of years.