Lifelines are lines from point B to D
Never straight with troughs and peaks.
It is of many colours,
the line's breadth flows initially smaller.

Painted in colours, first white,
shining with the angelic light.
Yet as the lines progressed it becomes more dark,
from yellow to blue linear marks.

Eventually a sixth of the way through the lines,
the line resembles coal from a mine.
Not black - never black,
until they start to lean back.

Finally, the line resumes to blue,
when the loneliest hardest times are through.
It would have usually become incredibly thick,
yet broadens less quick.

Finally the line stops changing size
as they are at their brightest but not most wise.
Preoccupied with yellow,
the lines moves tumultuously despite being vivid and mellow.

More it goes, it starts to falter,
the colour intensity alters,
the shades of colours fades but is never plain white,
but at point D, there is the most striking speck shining bright.