"Great just great I can't believe this is happening again," I whispered. "Every single time I come out here those wolves come out. Is it just me or have they got my scent. When the rest of the groups come out they never see wolves but when I come out…crap there's more of them coming. We got to move now."

My group and I headed out of our village a few hours ago searching for old tech. Don't really know how most of the world was left in ruins but I do know things can go really bad in the blink of an eye. I guess I should tell you who, I am Rebecca, please call me Becca, Wharclah. I'm 19, Five foot two, none of your business pounds, I have cobalt eyes and rust colored hair.

"Hey Becca how do we get out, they got the entrance blocked?" asked Willa.

"Don't really know. Probably have to bust our way though," I said. "Won't be easy we might lose most of our stuff. But it's the best way I can think of. Willa, take everyone and run."

"What about you Becca?" asked Willa.

"Wolfs like easy looking prey I'll split right at the elevator shaft, and hit the stairs" I said. "The rest of you drop down to the ground floor. I'll meet you back at the village gate. When I say move, don't hesitate." I watched as the five wolves came in the room. I knew it they had my scent, I've seen that same mangy brownish wolf six times already. I don't know or care who he was before but I call him Jimmy. The first few times I saw him he almost took my arm, luckily I took his ear. I see Jimmy tell the pack to leave, I know he wants to kill me and I'm pretty sure he doesn't care about the rest of the people here. "Willa go."

"That wolf is still there, we can't go now," said Willa.

"Didn't I tell you not to hesitate now go." I walk out from behind the makeshift blind we made out of a few cabinets and gurneys. I'm not the biggest Redhood out there, nowhere near the strongest. So how the blue hell am I going to survive? I looked towards Willa and nod her and the rest out the room. They moved to the door Jimmy looked at them then looked toward the door it sounded like a snarl. Willa glanced back at me, I don't know wolf language but I think he said don't bother with them and leave. I nodded at Willa again, she nodded back at me and motioned to the others and they quickly moved out of the room. Willa stopped and looked at me she wanted to stay and fight. I looked at her shook my head and told her to go.

Jimmy and I stared at each other. The gaze from those yellow and black eyes would make anyone go insane, luckily I'm all ready insane. Name one sane person who would be standing here getting ready to fight a damn werewolf? I didn't think so.

I put my hand on my handgat. Such a great gun 132 rounds a minute the only drawback the clip doesn't have 132 rounds in it. This is it, Jimmy lowered his head ready to attack. He growled and jumped forward. I dodged to the right towards the door; if I can get him outside I might be able to lose him. He swerved and grabbed my hood and threw me across the room. I slammed the wall hard enough to blur my vision. I shook my head and focused, Jimmy was on top of me in seconds. He opens his jaws ready to rip my shoulder off. I pulled my handgat and put the full clip in his chest. He fell back just enough to make some space between us.

I know what you're thinking a full clip in his chest, fights over, right? Not even close I've seen my grams empty a gat rife in a wolf, all it did was slow him down and piss it off. But the bullets are made of silver that should stop him right? Who ever told you that never seen these wolves, silver don't do jack, hot lead is the only thing that they feel.

Jimmy looks at me and I realize this is the last time we're going to see each. Time to buckle down and fight for my life, like I wasn't already doing that. I put in a new clip in my gun and drew my sai from my boot; this is so not going to be good. I see Jimmy grinning like he knew that this time I'm ready to fight and I'm not going to run this time.

He lunges at me full speed claws glistening blacker than night. Fangs the color of a full the moon. His eyes turned blood red with black holes in the center. I'll be the first to admit I was beyond terrified. He jumped on top of me and knocked me down to the floor. He pins my arms down, I can see he's beyond happy cause he knows he's got me, I know he's got me. Just then I remembered an old trick my grams taught me.

"All males have one major flaw," said grams. Hit em in the balls, thanks grams not really lady like but it works every time. Thank goodness I'm wearing my steel shin guards. I kicked up between the posts. I never heard that sound before it was like a howl with a whimper all in one. Jimmy jumped off me and jumped around the room like a bronco trying to throw a rider. I got up fighting every fiber in my body that's telling me to run. But I've already decided this is the end, the last time me and Jimmy see each other.

Jimmy looked up at me, I don't think I should have kicked him, his eyes were as red as before but I think their glowing now. He took off like a rocket and we went through the third story window. We landed on the ground floor overhang of the building and believe me it hurt. In fact hurt isn't the right word for it. I was out of it for a good ten count. I looked around, but my vision was blurred and blacking out, I see Jimmy trying to stand up. I figured I should do the same, I pushed myself up then I felt a sharp pain in my side.

"Damn should of paid attention where my sai was," I said to myself looking at the thin metal sticking in me. I got up to a knee and pulled out the sai don't know if that was a good idea or not but it's weird, I don't know if it was the fall that made my body numb or if I'm on death's door step? I grabbed my side and all most pasted out. All of a sudden the sky darkened when I looked up I saw Jimmy, well at least I know the answer to the question I asked earlier. I'm on death's door step.

I bring my right arm up to block him, I know it won't help but I don't know what else to do. I don't know if he sharpens his claws but he just did on my arm. It feels like it's been broken. I fell to the ground he opened his mouth and clamped down on my side. He picked me up with his mouth and thrashed around and threw me off the overhang. I don't remember hitting the ground, all I know is when Jimmy landed next to me.

Maybe if I just lie here and play dead he'll leave. Nope that's not happening he grabbed my head and picked me up. We were eye to eye, I could see the happiness in his eyes he knew I was done, and I knew I was done, but my hand didn't know. I don't know how or when but I grabbed my gun but I hope to God it had a clip in it. I pulled the trigger, oh thank the merciful lord. I've never wanted to hear that sound so much in my life. It didn't take long for the clip to empty; Jimmy dropped me and I collapsed to the ground. I looked up, Jimmy grabbed his chest and stepped back. I dropped my gat and raised my left arm and hoped it was still there. It must be my lucky day I grabbed the hilt of my sword and drew my wakizashi.

Most of the people in my village would laugh at me for using this. Ray always made fun of me for this. I'd laugh to if I',d use a big-ass claymore. Don't tell her I said this but I think she's overcompensating for something or she just really needs something big in her hands or mouth.

Jimmy glares and comes towards me. I slashed across his chest and in one motion I thrust the blade in his chest; he let out a howl and glared at me his eyes blazing white hot with anger. Crap I didn't push it hard enough in. I'm too close to him like it would matter if I was further away he'd still kill me.

My arm felt like it was holding on by a thread but I used my right hand to grab the pommel and forced it in his heart. Jimmy let out a death howl and fell next to me. "The only true way to stun a wolf is to puncture the heart. And the only way to make sure it's dead it is to chop off its head." That's the advice grams gives to every Redhood. I grab my sword yanked it out of Jimmy's heart. Don't know how I was able to do any of this my whole body is racked in pain. I looked at Jimmy and saw he was just as surprised as I was. He knew it was over and he was content he closed his eyes as I raised my sword.

"You know Jimmy I was ready to end this little feud between us but now I'm not sure anymore. I like you, so I promise next time we meet one will not walk away." I said as I sheathed my wakizashi and reached for my gun. I looked back as I was walking/limping away. I think he knew why I didn't finish him off; I didn't have enough strength to make a clean cut though his neck.

I could see in his eyes, "Next time girl I won't be as nice."

I walked through the streets of the centuries old ruin city for about an hour and heard wolves all around me. I heard a howling from behind me I turned and saw Jimmy standing at the top of the hill. I know exactly what he said to them, "She's mine no one touch her." I heard all the wolves scatter, and I thought not now neither of us are ready for this, rather I'm not ready for this. He glared, turned, and ran off.

It is official at least one wolf has my scent, this is so not good