I was humming a little lullaby I knew.

The park was nice and cool, so I did not need to wear a jacket. The sky was also a perfect blue color with clear skies. I knew today was going to be a good day.

But, I then realized something…

It was not.

I look to see a familiar boy walk through the park's entrance. His usual medium length brown hair blew towards the wind, but I knew that was probably the only thing I liked about him.

His pants seem tighter today, as well. Must of gain a little weight since the last time I saw him. But, his slim built and light skin made him also appealing, too.

I knew I needed to get out of here quick, since he would appreciate this, but…

I stayed. I wanted to, even though I shouldn't.

I saw a girl run up to him.

She was light skinned and brown haired, too. But her hair was longer, and tied in a ponytail.

She was also matching to his slim built, minus the breasts she carried around her chest, of course.

They were dating, as I can tell from her embrace at meeting him and giving him a kiss on the lips.

I suppose Jake is into skinny girls, now.

Jake's a boy who'd ask for cam flashes online, and sexual favors that I would not do for him.

I wonder how long it's been since we seen each other in person…

I can't keep track, unfortunately, since he won't.

"Jake, it's so great to finally meet you in person!" the woman happily cried.

"I'm very happy to finally see you, too, Kris." This was his reply to her.

So, Kris is this girl's name, right?

I continue to stare, till it was finally noticeable by Jake, who gave a glare to me. He pressed his arm around the woman's shoulder and turned around, heading somewhere I could not see him anymore.

Poor Jake, not taking the comfort of my presence to enjoy the park as well.

Well, he changed his mind about me talking to him a while ago.

But, it's fine like this, too.

At Least, I know where he may be several times this month.

I stood up and walked to wherever I may go in the park.

Step… Step… Step…

"Excuse me, can you leave us alone?"

I heard a familiar voice, and it was Jake.

"Oh," I mumbled loudly. "I wasn't following, Jake. I swear."

He gave a light surprised expression as I called him by his name.

"Who's this woman, Jake?" I suddenly backed away from the woman's voice. She was not mad, as I can tell from her tone, but was surprised.

Jake looked at her and gently rubbed her shoulder.

"Nobody." I felt a sudden emotion, close to shock, but maybe less, more? I don't know. He knows me, but he calls me "nobody." I am a somebody. Why'd he call me that?

"Jake, I am a somebody…?"

"Jake, is she that woman that…" the girl continued.

"Yes, unfortunately it is." He had a cold tone to his voice. Yeah, he was obviously unhappy I was in this park, close to his girlfriend and himself. Must be that girl he dated online for god knows how long.

"Let's go, Kris." He turned and proceeded to leave with Kris, glaring at me coldly.

I felt like crying, but I knew he'd not comfort me, nor my parents, due to them moving and I decided to stay behind.

"Wait, Jake! That woman Kris isn't good for you!" I cried to him running after them, but then I felt a great force to my face. I was slapped.

"Jake?" I mumbled.

"Leave us alone! Don't ever say that about my wife, okay?"

I rubbed lightly on the spot that he slapped.

"Jake…?" I began to cry.

"Just leave, or I'm going to get a officer."

His facial expression gave off a found fear in me, and a great sadness.

The woman was looking down, as though she didn't have a say in this, or she knew that Jake would hurt me if I went near them.

"Okay, Jake. I'll leave." I turned.

"Look, you were obviously here first." I heard him say, my heart racing lightly. "We'll leave. But don't you dare follow."


They left, but this time, I stayed behind.

As a tear leaked out my left eye socket, I felt a sudden urge in me. The type of urge between despair and suicidal.

I ran to my apartment room, which was not far from the park.

I eyed the window, looking through it, seeing people walk out and into the stores and into the trolley. I knew I needed to look for a job soon, but this depression was killing me.

I knew I needed to think softly and warmly, to avoid despair and…

My attempt to suicide, again.



I still needed to think.

To think this one thing through...