Just, just why. Why do these people exist in this world. They wonder why woman are look down on as weak. These people aren't even focused on the ORIGINAL reason of why feminist exist. They just go around, shouting at man doing whatever. Can't even say hi without them going on and on about how men are sexist pigs and, if you are a man, how you are "sexually harassing" them.

They claim all men want one thing, they claim that men "Objectify" them. Look, they still do, but it's really not as common as it used to be. I thought women are supposed to have their periods once a month, not all year long. So please stop yelling at men for walking around, let them live their life without you harassing him for being a man. Look it isn't his fault that he wasn't born with a vagina and breasts, so like, chill out.

Now this only applies to the select few: "Well the people who made you and created you were woman, you were born from a woman" It takes not only a woman, but also, ready to be surprised, a MAN to create a human being. So before you actually reply that, it takes 2 people of the X and Y chromosomes to create a human child. In Conclusion: Please use a pad next time.