Patchwork doll, sitting in the little wooden chair.

You remind me of me, stitched up so bright!

Every patch of fabric a memory to only you, cohesive in the end.

Won't you lose the stitching darlin', and hold yourself together!

Hair made with yarn of love, eye like jewels of grace.

You'll never know how others see you, much as you may try.

Mouth a smile of starlight, fingers whispers of kindness.

Sitting in a crazy, scary rocking chair called life.

If only you could move your legs enough to break your cage.

The molded wood of society, that brings your heart such rage.

Fight to stretch those legs in freedom!

Hold yourself together darlin'!

Show the world there's life in you!

Kill that cotton they forced down your throat, obliterate it with your words!

Shout to anyone who will listen,

"Look at me! Look at me! I am alive, and one day, I will be free."