Placing faith in mirrors that reflect only lies

Caged by fear that I could shatter with the pride in my eyes

Shaking off guilt, empowered by this rage

I am the only reason that I remain in a cage.

Longing for the sweet touch of love, blinded by those stars.

Finally I see that they are crossed, and not even ours.

I don't belong you see, in this place in between.

I come from somewhere up above, down below, unseen.

Eyes wrapped with silk, my head spun round.

I cannot see, or feel, or hear a sound.

Cut the bonds, lift the fold, free my soul from within

Before I suffocate, writhing here, trapped beneath my skin.

Light twisted, darkness falling.

But I stand too tall to fall down crawling.

Shaking, pointing, silent rage.

But I am the only reason, I'm still here in this cage.

Smashing silver panes of glass that tell me I am real.

So that I can look within and think nothing; only feel.

Reflections are false, not pure like the heart.

Glass falling; shrieking; I can finally start.

I've broken these walls, torn the silk from my sight.

I see tougher things now, not softened to be bright.

My fear disappears, and thus the source of my rage.

And I am the reason I will be free of this cage.