A reason to believe is all I ever craved.

So when you touched my heart again, despite my doubts, I succumbed.

You were the devil I knew, the angel that was beautiful and mine.

The infection that had already been so lovingly rooted in my soul.

I couldn't see past my foolishness, to the poison in our mutual pain.

Chemical reactions don't describe the way we would implode,

Side by side, sitting silently. Carefully. Keeping fire beneath our skin.

Because burning each other would mean losing the one thing we'd both always known

Always clung to. Loved. Hated. Despaired.

It would seem I will never outrun this barbed wire, tying me to you.

But today I won't hold back this inferno, and I'll free myself even if I have to break inside.

In the days when you made me whole, I opened myself to be destroyed. To be remade.

I loved you.

I loathed you.

I despaired you.

In our departure I was reborn. Changed.

Darker than before perhaps.

But what is a small kiss of darkness in a world painted black?

When I can feel again, I will find myself stronger than ever.

With steel and fire, I will forge a new heart.

One that you can never break again.