In this place, I found myself.

When I had nothing left

And my life lie as broken memories at my feet,

Here is where I built myself anew.

Though you may not have known me then,

And you may not see it now,

I was as broken as any of you.

Despite the lessons I've learned

And the strength I've gained,

Even now some days I break.

This place taught me to shout that to the world!

Your demons will consume you if you don't release them,

And here we were given that stage.

Times were not always pretty,

But despite that I always found myself in this happy place.

I discovered that a shattered heart can be salvaged

So long as there enough hands and voices to help hold it together.

That we are not really all alone.

That there are other 'freaks' in the world.

Without this place I would not be me.

The world will be a dimmer place without it.

But I learned this here too :

That life will go on.

Friendships shall endure.

And those of us who called this place home

Will continue its purpose.

In every line that we draw,

Every lyric we sing,

Every poem we write,

And every memory that stings.

This place saved me.

Now I only wish that we could save it in return.