U remind me of the color blue
Devoted and true
You hold my heart with u
I fell in love with a rainbow
And you showed me how high our flames would grow.
Our passion was red.
A whirlwind of tension that made us yearn for the calm of yellow. Still passionate but subdued and that's how I felt all wrapped up in you.
We reveled in green while we recharged our steam, content with the prospect of just being.
And when we reached that peak?
The world turned pink.
An array of fireworks that made my lips quiver and the link between our souls shake.
Unstable... like purple,
I get doubtful and sometimes I wish that we'd never made love...
then I feel all gray.
On a weak ass day I cant get you out of my head.
And this feeling I get while im still figuring this out...what's fake and what's true...?
you still reminded me of blue.