Hello, I am Evie! I am usually a writer of fanfiction, but today I decided to start writing something new. Something truly of my own.

So here it is. A story that I hope is a mysterious one, filled with magic and just the right amount of comedy.

May you enjoy it! And I hope you all have a wonderful new year.


A lone figure watched the moon setting above the roofs of houses. He stood behind his window, his usual bright eyes clouded and dull. The full moon's reflection was projected onto the plain floor of his room, but the light somehow did not reflect off of the person's eyes. His shadow was almost centered on the circle of light.

He lifted his hand slowly, a few centimeters a second, as if he was going to wave merrily at the bright moon. Yet, he didn't smile. His face was still, emotionless.

When his arm was straight above his head, his index finger rose up as slowly as his arm did. Then, just as his finger straightened, the moon centered around his dark figure. A light exuded from the finger stilled raised in the air.

Then, suddenly, he brought his finger down in front of him as he turned towards the light on the floor. His silhouette was in the same position as him.

Just as suddenly as he had moved, his finger moved of its own accord, while the figure still stood motionless. The finger was like a paintbrush, making invisible strokes in the air into an unseeable intricate design.

After a few moments, the finger stopped, and it dropped down. A trail of light then followed, flowing through the same path the finger had made.

It twisted and turned many times, never stopping, until an extremely complex drawing was left. It's beauty was beyond a human's doing...

The drawing made of light floated in the air, mysterious and magical. Then, finally, it floated to the floor, flattening itself to the ground so then it was lying there, perfectly against the light of the moon.

Then in a second, it flashed, and it disappeared as if it was never there.

The figure still stood, and not even a flicker of recognition flashed in his dull eyes.

Then, he laughed, though it was hollow and empty, and yet it was wild and chaotic, as if he was able to rule the earth.

His eyes did not light up at all.

The moon became partially covered by the rooftops.

A finger snapped. He fell to the ground, his eyes becoming clear once more as he did. Those bright eyes then closed shut.

He was asleep before he hit the ground, his breathing soft and quiet.

And so a new world was created.