I will not fear North Korea.


If Kim Jong-un got his way.

There are people out there that fear North Korea and its nuclear missiles. And it's not just Americans that fear Kim-Jong-Un.

Kim Jong-un acts like such an immature brat.

I a British citizen, do not fear him.

Has anybody ever wondered what would happen if he really got his way?

The following story takes place in an office in North Korea, this story has been transferred to English for your amusement.

Kim Jong-un sat in his office with his arms folded.

"That Donald Trump thinks he's so DAMN HOT! Those fucking americans! I hate them all!"

His secretary frowned at him. "I admit they're not perfect, but can you just let it go?"

"No, I won't. I'm gonna nuke them all!"

His secretary sectary began to get a bit panicked. "Sir I really don't think….."

"I don't care what the world thinks! I'm gonna show the world what a hardass I am! All I have to do is hit this red button under my desk, and the U.S is fucked!"

"Sir, I strongly…"

"Oh who cares what you think!" Kim Jong-un hit his red button with his fist. Immediately a nuclear missile fired out from a military base. The missile headed over and hit the United States causing 50 million deaths.

Newspapers everywhere went wild. This was September 11th times a billion. News Stations everywhere reported on the insanity of it all.

America wanted revenge, and it wasn't just America that was on the war path towards North Korea. India, China and just about every country with nuclear missiles wanted North Korea erased off the planet. If America got destroyed by this madman, who knows just where he would strike next.

The United States launched a missile towards North Korea,

India launched a nuclear missile towards North Korea.

Then China….

Then many countries joined in.

So many countries wanted North Korea's death. And In North Korea, many citizens wanted Kim Jong-Un's death for dooming them all. As many nuclear missiles headed towards North Korea. Kim Jong Un sat in an underground bunker similar to Hitler's final days….The door was locked but many people were raging and trying to knock the door down.

Kim Jong-un awaited his death "I thought people would respect me!" he sobbed. "I showed those American wimps what's what!"

"Wimps can fight back." Said his secretary holding a pistol to his head.

"Can I have the gun after you?" Kim Jong-un asked.

"Ha! You'd love that, wouldn't you!? There's only one bullet in this gun, you will die a horrible death being teared apart by the public!"

Kim Jong-un gulped.