A/N: So I'm starting a challenge to write 100 poems in a row. I got the idea from my friend, whom I will link to below, who is also doing the challenge. I figured it would be fun and a good way to get me back into my writing. I really want to start back on all my projects, so I figured I should do this.

Links: u/908103/Kitsune95

Muggy is the Window before our eyes.

A glass reflection born of human ties.

Torn and rebuilt by human lives.

To protect us from our end times.


Destruction the ire of all human lives.

Reflecting back loving ties.

The empty Windowpane before my eyes.

Glass shattered before all time.


Empty reflection of our lives.

Discarded, shattered, shards of our eyes.

Remains of glassy ties.

Shattered plains of time.


What remains of a Window in our eyes.

When all our ties burned by time.

Windowpane of blackened lives.

Ends of our eternal ties.