You think you got me down?

Put me down, knocked me out, won the round?

Take your step,

but can you guess?

You're not the winner yet.


You think you got this game down,

but this is the final round.

My trap is set.

I can see you move before you do.

You'll never see my net.


Was that too quick?

You sure you still got a trick?

Face it, you've lost this game,

cause you've got too big for yourself,

and you have no shame.


One more move.

You will lose.

I'm too fast for you.

Don't pretend you rule,

cause I'm the king of this coup.


If this was war, you'd be cryin.

You would never see my lyin.

Is your mind filled with dread?

Hope your next move,

doesn't end you up dead.


Take that step,

regret your bet.

This game is won,

I beat you long ago,

and now you're done.


Did you see that one?

Were you distracted by your own fun?

I've made the end in sight.

Can't reach my level.

I've blinded you with my light.


Desperate move.

You can't keep up with my groove.

Look at that, you lose.

Was that too fast for you?

Can you face the news?


Out of sync with my move.

You crumple as you lose.

I take it all, you've lost the bet.

Rise again, take a stand.

Don't break a sweat.


Take a step,

It's not over yet.

Life goes on, and you've only just begun.

I may be the king, a swift prince of game.

But don't be down cause you never won.


Moving on, take another step.

Your life can be better yet.

Learn from my moves, you're not just a jester.

You didn't see it now,

but don't let the wounds fester.


Another step.

One more yet.

One day you'll win the greatest bet.

Down by a king, but you'll always get

a chance to learn a new set.