"What do you mean?" he asked, staring at her curiously. "My 'luck' is not something that can be cured. It can't be fixed. It's just how things work."

"Is that really true? How are you so sure that I can't help you? I might just be able to... tip the scales in your favor." she said, turning to face him. "Like I said, I have the power to tip the world's balance for you, in exchange for a little favor. Nothing hard, just collect an item for me and we have a deal. Ok?"

"What exactly would I be getting for you?" he inquired, still skeptical.

"Just a box." She began walking again, twirling around with a flourish.

He fidgeted slightly, scrunching up his face, before running after.

"Wait!" he yelled, grabbing her leather coat sleeve. "I'll get your box. Just don't break your promise."

"I won't," she promised. "I'll change the tides of luck in your favor. But you must understand that the contract is void if the box is not in perfect condition when I receive it, if I even receive it at all."