Chapter 4

Ozzie wasn't sure how long the kiss lasted. He felt fireworks behind his eyes and he heard firecrackers in his ears.

The voice inside his head was screaming "No! No! No!" but the taste of Brooke's lips on his was like a drug and he couldn't stop himself from kissing her back. Finally, he pulled his lips away and stared into her eyes.

"I just thought…I mean…maybe…" Brooke stuttered.

"We're family," he warned her.

"Not by blood," she said again. "We're not blood related. Your father is on Aunt Lisa's side and my father is on Uncle Stan's side. There's no cross contamination. No sin."

"People would still freak," Ozzie worried.

"We won't tell them."

Ozzie's eyebrows lifted. Brooke crossed her arms.

"Are you afraid?" She challenged.

He looked into her sweet honest face and grinned. "Not of you."

She smiled happily and she kissed him again, this time less tentatively and with more passion. Ozzie dared to wrap his arms around her and pull her tight.

"Help me forget," she pleaded as tears formed in her eyes.

"Help you forget what?"

"The sadness," she practically sobbed.

He hugged her against him for the longest time, each offering the other heartfelt smooches and meaningful kisses. After a while, Brooke broke from him and stood. Ozzie assumed they were finished exorcising their sadness and vulnerabilities from their systems and that it was time to return to the house and resume the grieving process and family mingling. Instead, Brooke began to shimmy out of her black sleeveless dress.

"What are you doing?" He asked with surprise.

"It feels like summer," she answered. Her dress had fallen to the ground now and she winked at him as he stared at her in her black bra and panties. "Maybe we should finally enjoy our first real skinny dip," Brooke suggested. "Only no bathtub this time."

She lifted up her hands to unfasten the front hook of her bra.

"You're not really going to get naked, are you?" Ozzie asked.

"You won't tell anybody will you?" She teased.

He shook his head no in confirmation.

"Good," she smiled as she released the bra and let it fall to the ground, revealing her small round pale white breasts.

"But if anybody ever finds out we'll be scandalized," he warned.

"I don't mind taking the chance," she giggled as she slid her black undies down her legs, revealing all of her to him.

Because he was still seated on the log, Ozzie's line of vision was just about even with her bush.

"Aren't you glad I like you the best?" Brooke smiled

Ozzie felt his face turn red as he glanced up at her face, and then her breasts, and finally her pubic hair. He felt his blood flowing as he finally stood and kissed her, wrapping his arms around her naked torso and letting them fall further as they continued to kiss, finally feeling the curve of her naked behind. Her lips were moist and smooth and he tasted her lipstick.

"You always drove me crazy," Brooke told him. "I've had a crush on you forever. I don't care if we're technically family."

"Not by blood," Ozzie whispered.

"Do you want to touch me?"

He lifted his hand to her breast, squeezing it gently while kissing her again. After a few minutes, Brooke used her hand to move his slowly down to her stomach while they kissed.

"You act as if you've never done this before," she said through the kisses.

"Not with family," he said.

"Not by blood," she reminded him.

"I love you," Ozzie announced and her eyes twinkled.

"Well, I love you too." She replied.

"Not just as family?"

She smiled knowingly. "I love you as you."

"Good," he said with relief.

She broke from him, turned and walked toward the pool. Ozzie allowed his eyes to review her naked backside.

She glanced over her shoulder. "Are you going to join me?" She purred.

Ozzie didn't think about it as he stripped out of his clothes. She had turned to watch with interest, a huge grin on her face. They were both curious and freed. Naked, he walked toward her and she took his hand in hers.

"You can touch me in the water," She told him as she stepped off the bank, taking him with her.

"It will be magic," he smiled when the splash subsided.

"How long have you loved me as me?" Brooke wanted to know as she wrapped her arms around his neck and they floated together in the pool.

"Long enough," he confessed. "Is that wrong?"

"You never said anything."

"What was I supposed to say?" He shrugged. "You want to date?"

She laughed and Ozzie held her against him by holding her up by the ass. Their faces lined up and he could feel her breasts rubbing against his chest while his member was poking her in the stomach.

"I thought it didn't get hard in cold water."

"It gets hard when it wants to," Ozzie said, giving her a kiss.

"So," she said, slightly nervous. "Do you want to date?"

"Secretively?" He asked.

"Whatever it takes," Brooke answered.

"We should probably head back," Ozzie said. "Someone could come out here."

"I suppose," she said with disappointment.

Brooke broke from him and it only took a couple of strokes to get to the shore. Ozzie followed right behind her and her ass was practically in his face as she climbed up the bank. The stood letting the afternoon sun dry their skin as they stood naked, facing each other.

"Uncle Stan would be shocked," Ozzie said.

"So wouldn't Grandma," Brooke admitted.

They dressed once their skin had dried and they returned to the house without talking much.

Nobody looked twice when the missing cousins reappeared and they sat with the others enjoying some chocolate cake while sharing more of their favorite Uncle Stan stories.

Ozzie and Brooke both knew everything was okay because even though they were family, it was not by blood.