The Pen Vs. The Sword

Writing can start a war, or I can bring peace to the entire world,

Swords can cause trouble and bloodshed, and potentially create peace,

However, which is mightier? The pen? Or the sword?

The sword has a scabbard to limit its use whereas the pen no has case, or cover to limit its use

The sword is larger and heavier while the pen is small and light.

The sword cannot create, it can only destroy. Whereas the pen can create or destroy at will

The world may be your canvas, what you paint on it beware!

The pen is mightier than the sword it has no limitation,

The ink from a pen cannot be erased.

Be careful of creation, because it can go any direction.

It can lead to your success or your downfall.

But the first thing to remember, to always think of, is that no matter how long or how many times you write over past mistakes, ideas, and actions, your mark on the world is permanent. Your mark cannot be erased