The mansion was upset. It was a group of friends. There were no backstabbers. This was going to make the game even harder than expected, but nevertheless, a designated winner had to be chosen. "The pure of heart" as some might call it…

The mansions thoughts quickly turned to the brunette girl, Alexis Wolf. She was undoubtedly the most morally good. She was forgiving, honest, but she didn't believe in the mansions powers. A skeptic could never win.

Now the small blond boy, Zack Burkley, did happen to believe in ghosts and haunted houses. The mansion still didn't believe he was fit to win though. He was funny, accepting, and easy-going, but he lived in the moment too much. Nothing could ever be taken seriously with him.

Dallas Tellgot, despite being a ginger, wasn't a horrible person. He might have been insensitive at times, but his main problem was laziness. The mansion had serious doubts that he would do the right thing if it involved waking up before noon.

The Spanish boy, Miguel Fernandez was compassionate and giving, but he had a temper, an awful one. His rage would consume him and leave his judgment seriously impaired.

Next to him was the curly blonde haired girl, Zoey Dechney. She was good at her core, but common sense was an issue. Not a lack of it, but rather, she seemed to have too much. Her head got in the way of her heart. If the wrong thing appeared to be logical, she was convinced it was right.

The mansion focused on the little girl with the two red braids called Evelyn, or EY, as she wrote down. Although a bit empty-headed, she was still nice. She was also very scared. Not that fear was a bad thing, quite the contrary. The mansion loved fear. It lived off fear, but this little girl was strange. Even though her fears terrified her, she was intrigued by them. Fear mixed with curiosity was a very dangerous thing.

Lindsey Schaffner, the tallest girl with the golden ponytail, was obviously the leader. She was determined and outspoken. She would always stand up for what she believed in. But what if she wasn't right? She was too narrow-minded to see it any other way and too stubborn to back down.

The mansion observed the dark haired boy next to her. It sensed a connection between the two of them. He would do anything for her. The mansion picked up small vices like blunt or obnoxious, but none even came close to the care he felt for his best friend.

The mansion had made its decision: it wanted Brian Werneker to be the winner.