"Has it been a long time?"

"I don't know."

They sat on a carpeted floor. The room was empty of furniture, and it was dark. The only light was an eerie white radiating from the old box of a TV, which showed a screen of hissing, flickering static.

Their legs were crossed. They both wore blue jeans and a blue hoodie, though everything was black and white in this lighting.

The two looked identical, from the orange in their hair to the green in their eyes.

"Did you try to hurt me?" The one to the left of the TV questioned, though he didn't express much curiosity.

"I'm not sure." The other responded. He blinked, hands gripping his ankles. "Did you retaliate?"

"I think so." The first responded. "But it's hazy."

The static flickered and hissed.


Their hoods were now up, the one on the left's face above his mouth covered by shadow. He was grinning wolfishly. Two blue lights glowed, watching like the eyes of a predator from the inside of that hood.

The right's face was covered in wrapping, tufts of hair sticking out from the black bandages, inky black instead of that orange. His body was a black shadow. The only coloration was in his uncovered left eye, which burned a bright red as it stared, wide in a perpetual investigation of whatever dared exist in it's gaze.


With another static hiss, the two were back to normal, expressions unchanged.

"... That only started after you left." The left spoke calmly.

"Did I leave?" The right questioned with doubt. "It's been so long, hasn't it..? Are you sure you didn't push me away?"

"If I did, it's because you were trying to hurt me..." His eyes darted to the right, and he reached up, rubbing his shoulder sheepishly.

"I do bad things when people hurt me..."


Another flicker, and the left was that hooded, grinning predator once again.


And he was normal again, rubbing his shoulder and avoiding eye contact.

"Did I make you like that?" The right lifted his hand, watching it flicker to be covered in black bandaging, staring at it with one red eye and not two green ones, before his body flickered back to normal. "Did you make me like this?"

"I don't remember..." The left pulled his knees up to his chest, wrapping his arms around his legs and wresting his chin in the space between his knee caps. "Would it matter if I did?"

"I'm not sure." The right leaned back on his hands, looking up at the ceiling, which was pretty hard to make out in this lighting.

"Is this the real us?" The left looked slowly up to the right. "And... Do we want it to be that way?"

"That's a good question..." The right titled his head to the side. "Do we know what we want..?"


That hooded predator grinned a little wider, revealing the sharp canines in his mouth. Those blue eyes seemed to burn hungrily as he reached up, winking his right eye shut and pushing up the left side of his hood with one long, boney finger, revealing the eye that burning blue light originated from, which was wide with vicious confidence.

"To be worshiped."

The wrapped shadow's facial bandages tore open slowly, revealing a mouthful of pointed teeth. A long red tongue ran over the crimson stains coating those fangs, and he leaned forward, clicking those long, spidery, wrapped fingers on the carpeted floor.

"To be in control."


The left reached up, placing a hand over his left eye and gripping the hair that his fingers ran into. He grimaced at himself.

"To be happy..."

The right crossed his arms, looking over his shoulder, unease coursing through him as he rubbed each of his arms, almost hugging himself.

"To be free..."

"... Who came first?" The left's hand slowly ran up through his hair, eyes narrowing at the ground. "You or me..? Us or them..?"

The right leaned forward, frowning and letting his arms drop into his lap. "I don't know..."

"..." The left leaned back, eyes slowly drifting to the static TV.

"... Who's gonna last? You or me? Us or them?"


Their forms flickered rapidly as they looked to one another, television hissing viciously, room seeming to shake and tremble.

As the static got louder, the darkness writhed, shadows slithering around their circle of flickering light.

They switched and shifted faster and faster, teeth gritting, body's trembling.

They each placed a hand on their head, before looking up to one another, slowly lifting one hand each, reaching out to each other.

Their body's struggled to move, fingers twitching, grunts of pain drowned out in the screaming static.


And as their fingers slowly reached, their hands centimeters apart, the world seemed to be falling apart around them.

The TV flashed violently, switching between thousands of scenes, hundreds of characters speaking, arguing, coming together, fighting, agreeing, living, dying, creating, destroying-!

All at once the static went silent, the shadows ceased movement, the two stopped flickering, and the world stopped exploding.

Their fingers were nearly pressed together, the thin glass of the mirror between them keeping them apart.

Both of their eyes were wide, locked together, chests heaving for air, mouths hanging open.

They both closed their eyes, slowly sighing, before turning themselves, scooting their backs against that mirror, heads leaning forward, hands reaching up and touching their faces.

"... Are... Are we a bad person..?"

"Do we care..?"

And the TV turned off.