For the past seventeen years, the countries of the vast Indigo Sea have enjoyed an era of peace and prosperity. The main cause of this is the fact that the two major superpowers in the area, the Moreskoan Kingdom and the Haskarsian Empire are officially at peace with one another.

However, last week, Emperor Richard VII succeeded his father on the Haskarsian imperial throne, and he is a man with no toleration for even the slightest hint of insubordination to his commands. The countries under his rule have begun to walk on eggshells under his watchful eye.

Over in Moreskoa, however, things are very peaceful. King Manfred Rickland and his wife have been able to raise their three children as normal citizens, with no need to keep them separated from the general public. Despite the current peace, all three of their children would one day become key players in the conflict that would soon be stirred up in the Haskarsian Empireā€¦