Author Note- This will be a short story to get back in the swing of things :) I am looking for a beta for a larger romance story I have been working on. PM me if anyone is interested. As always comments are lovely! Hope you guys enjoy!

Chapter 1

Juliette watches silently as snow trickles from the sky, shivering as the icy specks land on her exposed she pulls her beanie further over her freezing ears. Taking one last precious drag from her cigarette, she tosses it to the sidewalk. A quick check of her watch shows she is running late as she enters the two–story brick building.

Walking past the secretary with a flick of her wrist, no one dares stop her from her destination. She enters the familiar office, the stench of cheap cologne burning her nostrils. I'll never understand the appeal she thinks taking a seat on the overpriced mahogany chair. Slouching she rubs her face, semi-ignoring the self described "imposing" man behind the desk.

"You are in trouble," Tom says resting his interlocked fingers on his matching mahogany desk.

She rolls her eyes, like she doesn't know she is royally screwed.

Choosing to ignore his continued lecture, a slight movement in the corner of the window catches her attention.

She watches in morbid fascination as a spider in the window traps an unsuspecting fly in its silk.

Poor bastard, it never stood a chance.

"I can't cover this up," Tom finishes as he shuffles a few papers mindlessly around his desk.

She nods, leaving his office with a final glare at his secretary. Leaning against the building she lights up another cigarette, pulling her gray beanie farther over her ears she sighs.

The senator made it perfectly clear, she has 24 hours left to clear him, or else. Her life and her perfect record as the top political fixer were on the line.

Three days, it's been three days and she still can't see a way to cover this up. Normally when the senator screwed up she could fix it in a matter of hours, but this case was just so…

Juliette shakes her head, no use wondering why stupid people do stupid things.

She has one last hope to save her ass, make a deal with the devil herself.

I must really be desperate, she take one last long puff of her cigarette throwing it to the ground.

Following the sidewalk to her car a block over, she enters her red BMW. Leaving the busy streets of Washington she heads for the quiet suburb of Potomac, Maryland.