Kent and Naoki

One day, Naoki was watching television at home with Kent. When the NHK news went off at 8pm, a drama that they were looking forward to came on. It was a drama that was about Yoshitsune Minamoto. As the drama started, Naoki brought food and drinks. As they watched the drama, they enjoyed the snacks and drinks. So that they could see it larger, Naoki made the drama the only show that could be seen on his new television. It normally shows many channels all on the same screen, but for the drama, he changed it. And once the drama was over, they went to bed. The next morning, Naoki got an email from Tatsuki. He had told them that his cover of "Thread" was a big hit. And then he asked them to check it out. Excited Naoki told Kent what the email said. Ken said, "That is wonderful!". Proudly, Naoki said, "He is very good at singing. He has a natural talent for it." Naoki then got an idea. Looking at Kent he said, "Uncle Hideki and Dion enjoy driving. Why don't we go for a drive too? I have a Lexus electric car. It is safe to drive." So, Naoki drove his car as Kent sat in the passenger seat. While they drove, they happily listened to Tatsuki's song on the radio. But then Naoki was nearly struck by another car as they drove. Naoki sighed and said, "It is dangerous driving right now." So, he drove back home.