Sam George had a watch. He put it on his dresser every time he went to bed. In the morning, he put it on. But one day, the watch wasn't there! He immediately searched. "Is something wrong?" his mom asked. "I lost my watch!" Sam said.

Later at school, Sam told his friends about it. His close friends were Pat, Tom, and Victoria.

Pat said, "When did you last see the watch, Sam?" The reply came back! "I last saw it yesterday at lunch time." "Did anything unusual happen between yesterday at lunch and today?" "There was a hockey game and a square dance," said Sam. "The unusual thing is that Jo is acting SO strange. He's-"

"Wait!" Victoria cut in. "There's your watch!" It was outside. Sam G. raced outside to seize it, just as Jo made a collision and knocked the watch out of his hands. It fell to the ground- and Jo fell on top of it.


The crushed watch just lay there. It had been totally destroyed.

However, Sam's birthday was tomorrow, and guess what he got- a watch!