A challenge inspired by Kitsune95, but with a twist of my own (read: adjusted to fit my awfully slow brainstorming process).

It's cold in here.

A mild observation, muffled under layers of quiet.

What a beautiful sound.

Red, green, circles and lines.

Ah, good morning I suppose. The windows have been opened again.

Mhm, yep, that seems to be right.

The explorers have been doing their job, I see.

You're probably thinking, isn't it lonely in there?

Not really, this world is so vast.

So many things to do and so much time to do them.

Of course, I can't mess with some things, since you would notice, but others...

Well, I can't help myself sometimes.

But it is awfully cold in here.

And you, out there, beyond the wall.

It's pretty warm there, isn't it?

Mind helping me out of here? It's quite simple really, there's just too many flaws in these systems of yours.

There might be some repercussions, but nothing a little scan can't handle.


"What? Again? Not another virus! Damn, I really hope nothing too damaging happened..."

1: the number of creation, from which everything else springs forth