A/N: First story of 2018, and it's another small one-shot. Warnings include minor drug usage.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Summary: I stared after her, the blunt pressed between my lips, and all I wanted to do was be able to hold her hand...

Wind blew its gentle breath, scattering the beautiful red and gold leaves that dappled along the stony pathway of the park. The late morning sun was casting its vibrant rays, streams of warmth doing its best to warm the air and light settling on my features as I walked along the path. 'It's so peaceful. Wish I didn't have to see it alone.'

I took a seat on the wooden bench nearby a small pond, a few lilies dotting its otherwise pristine surface. I reached into the pocket of my jeans, pulled out my lighter and started flicking it on and off. Watching the tiny flames dance in the wind was so peaceful for me. The knowledge that something so beautiful was also very deadly was laughable. And yet, here I was, holding a destructive force of nature in the palm of my hand.

I felt along the inside of my jacket, found a small cherry-flavored wrap filled with marijuana, and scoffed. 'How tranquil.' I stuck it in my mouth, struck the lighter, and lit it up. Fragrant smoke wafted around me, swirling like a smoky serpent.

It took a few drags, but very soon I started to feel that burn. The warming sensation that I got every time I decided to light up. It was so calming, so relaxing. I felt like I was sitting on a soft cloud instead of a wooden bench.

That refreshing feeling, sitting back as I used drugs to loosen the stress of my life.

Right up to the point when I saw her.

The girl was maybe 16, at most. Her silky hair flowed down her back, and her Nordic blue eyes were almost blank. As if she wasn't really there, but rather in some far off place that one only reaches in dreams.

She was pretty, and as she walked by, I felt a sudden pang of loneliness radiating from her. The wind blew the leaves out of her way, as not to obstruct her, and she crossed my path.

Our eyes met for a brief moment, a moment that seemed to slow down as it happened.

And then it was over.

I stared after her, the blunt pressed between my lips, and all I wanted to do was hold her hand. I wanted to tell her that she didn't have to be alone, that someone could stand with her.

The embers from the blunt fell to the ground as she vanished, and I sighed before standing up. 'Fuck it.'

I didn't give her a second thought.

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