When the Earth had finally began to sprout life and humans began to emerge, a darkness full of pain and suffering threatened the fragile life with its cloak of overwhelming power. With each step the shadowy figure took, the soil would turn black and sterile and with each violent careless twitch, destruction was inevitable. Then, when all hope seemed to extinguish, six celestial beings stopped the figure in its tracks. They all fought with such might, but it is said that they wore pain on their faces, especially the the most beautiful of the celestial beings. She attacked with the most pain and tears, her blows vicious and fast, wanting the ordeal to end quickly. She then gave the final blow and cut through the shadowy figure, they all circled the figure and knelt as the victorious celestial being looked down to the shadow. It is written that in its final moments the figure reached out to its foe and whispered something to her, the no one knows what it said except that specific being. The figure then crumbled and the earth was spared.

Time passed and the celestial beings kept watch over the planet as its guardians ,and as the humans became aware of their existence , the humans started to worship them as gods and thus each one was given a title. Roxana, the celestial being who ruled light was named Sun Goddess; Losana, the celestial being who ruled all things related to night was named Moon Goddess; Gale, the celestial being who ruled the winds was named Wind Goddess; Tethys, the celestial being who ruled water was named Water Goddess; Zarvan , the celestial being who was overseer of birth and death was named Time Goddess; and lastly the the most beautiful of the celestial beings, Bleufleur , the being who ruled nature was names Rose Goddess. These Goddesses lived by a single rule, duty before self , and were adamant on that rule, but one day curiosity set them looses on the world. They discovered every happiness and sorrow the world offered, and by the end each fell in love with a human of pure heart and had children, but because of their betrayal to their oath , fate was cruel to them. They could not stay with their families for their the power of the Goddesses was to great for the Earth to handle, their human shells began to crumble and their soul went into the children, making them essentially reincarnations. However, before completely passing, the Goddesses built each child a palace where each child would have to carry out the duty of a Goddess. But, to cope with such responsibility it was suggested that all children ,and parent , gather once a year to discuss and help each other as they grow to become rulers instead of Gods.

The children grew and each became just as beautiful as a God, but all was not well in the Kingdom of Roses. Because of her remarkable beauty, the Rose princess was the victim of almost daily kidnappings and the stress was getting to her, it was worse that she was the only heir to the crown and was always lonely ,unlike the other kingdoms who had at least two children. Her room was always covered in vines and thorns to protect herself, but she always felt paranoid.

Then, a letter arrived at the palace ,it stated that the the yearly gathering was to commence and would be held at the Time Goddess palace withe the three sons of the Goddess being the host. The father of the Rose princess rejoiced as this was the answer to their problem. (to be continued)