"I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be."

-Great Expectations, Charles Dickens


An Edwardian period Romance.

From the day the gwidwith declared it was a boy, Ewen Branson's whole life was planned out for him. From what he wore, to what school he attended, to who he would marry, to what names he would give his own children. When you're born into aristocracy as the son of Andras Branson, negotiation is off the table.

Forced onto a boat to America to meet his distant cousin, Ivy Luckett,-and betrothed bride-Ewen is sure the universe is out to get him. Until by accident, he meets Cora Harlow, a working class girl who sneaks into the Luckett house from time to time, and who makes his stay in America less of a Hell to endure.

But when the budding romance between Ewen and Cora is discovered by his father, Cora is ripped away from him, making Ewen decide once and for all to leave his life of aristocracy behind. He runs away back to England to become a sailor, and works his way onto the RMS Titanic. By a stroke of "luck", he meets Cora again on board the ship.

But in the midst of tragedy, is their love strong enough to endure the disastrous aftermath of Titanic's sinking?