"It can't be! This can't be happening!" Were the thought running through her head when Daria saw her party member getting eaten by a dragon in front of her eyes. What was a safe prank took a wrong turn and became a fatal one.

The only thing in her mind as she saw the dragon eyes turned and focused onto her was her life as it flashed passed her.

Daria was a girl whose affinity with magic was slightly stronger than others. In magic school, her peers would often be jealous of her while the teachers often praised her. She was sticking out like a sore thumb and her long silver ponytail hair did nothing but to emphasize her existence. Despite having an average build, her hair was her only feature that made her stood out. It was a sign of her heritage. Her great grandmother, Merlin, was a famous mage that managed to stop a war that their country was in and brought peace to the land. Merlin then settled down and started a family. All of her descendants had silver hair if they were females as if to remind the country of her existence.

However, not all of her descendants had strong affinity with magic. There were some who were unable to use magic at all while others were able to use powerful spells and helped benefit the country. Daria's mother was one such individual. It was suffice to say that being her mother's daughter who was a great individual and also a descendant of Merlin, Daria was suffering from immense pressure.

The world did not care whether Daria was good with magic; they merely forced their perspectives on her and labelled her as someone who is able to do something great.

On the contrary, they were wrong.

Daria only had slightly better affinity than an average person, not the kind that her mom had. She was only slightly better in chanting and applying what she had learnt than others. Nothing more, nothing less.

It was this average girl who did not think much of a harmless prank would blow up into something so huge...

Daria started to drift and fade away into her memories...

Chapter 1

"Daria... Oi, Daria!" a voice shouted, in an attempt to wake the sleeping girl.

"Mm..." Daria mumbled while still sleeping.

"This... Girl..." Her friend, who was trying to wake her up, raised her fist into the air and brought it down, delivering swift justice.

"Ouch!" Daria cried out loud in pain as she woke up. "What did you do that for?"

"Shh!" Was the response that Daria got back as she looked around while rubbing her head. There were multiple people glaring at her with fingers to their lips. She remembered that she was in the library and quickly apologized before sitting down at her seat.

"Why do you have to wake me up so roughly?" She cried while rubbing the sore spot. "Agni... You meanie."

"I tried to wake you gently but seeing how you refused to after multiple tries, I got annoyed." The boy in light armour with red spiky hair glared at her. "It's your fault for falling asleep during our study session anyway."

"You-" Daria was about to speak her mind when suddenly a book cut in-between the two, blocking their view from each other.

"That's enough. Both of you." With a stern voice, the book went back from where it came from. Eyfa folded her arms with the book in hand and looked at the two. "We do not have much time till our time for this table is up. Could we please do something useful or else we're going have to answer to Mr. Lawrence if we fail this group assignment."

Eyfa laid the book down roughly onto the table and adjusted her glasses. She had shoulder length blue hair. Before she said another word, she took a piece of paper from a puppet that was on the table that was holding it up.

"Thank you." Eyfa thanked the puppet. "Could you help me sort the notes over there with Ko?"

The puppet nodded its head and moved over to the instructed area and started sorting.

"Those are certainly useful..." Daria peeked at the puppets that were sorting notes. "Wish I had one of those..."

"You won't be able to have one of them even if you tried your entire life." Eyfa started to rebuke Daria. "After all, you're not from a line of puppet masters. Aside from the affinity with puppetry magic, you have to bond with the puppet for a long time before they can even move on their own"

"Oh? I thought it was mostly just magic, strings and deft hands."

"That... That's rude, Daria..." A meek voice spoke. It belonged to a female that had long flowing long hair who was clad in a white dress, in her hand was a crucifix. "Even if it is just a joke, that is going overboard."

"..." Daria had no response.

"It's fine, Elise. That's just how Daria is." Eyfa tried to smooth things over. "She wouldn't know the meaning of effort and practice. After all, she is of a great heritage..."

"Hey!" Daria raised her voice.

"I'm just joking..."

"Daria!" Agni said in a hushed voice as he covered her mouth as tightly as he could. "Have you forgotten where we are?"

Once again, stares from the other occupants in the library were staring at them. Agni nodded meekly in apology as he got Daria to sit down.

"We..." Elise stuttered.

"Eh?" Daria shot a glare at her. "What is it?"


Eyfa let out a sigh and continue Elise's sentence for her.

"I believe what she's trying to say is that we're running out of time and we should hurry up."

Elise nodded.

The rest of the group looked at each other before diving into their assignment once again...

Time passed by in a blink of an eye.

"Finally... We're done." Daria let out a yawn as she stretched herself before sprawling over the table in an uncouth manner.

"Daria... Have some decency." Agni protested.

"Let her be. To have her concentrate and work seriously for a long period is probably asking too much of her." Eyfa mentioned in Daria's defence.

"I'll submit this to Mr. Lawrence." Elise smiled as she tidied the work by arranging the papers in order before binding them with the help of the two puppets. "I'll see you all tomorrow then."

Elise stood up, gave a short bow before leaving the group to submit their work.

"So? What are our plans?" Eyfa asked the ones who remained.

"Home." Daria did not even wait for a second to answer. "And laze around."

"You..." Eyfa shot her a disbelieved look. "And you, Agni?"

"The dojo. I have training in the evenings."

"I see. I guess we should call it a day here then."

"Agreed." Agni picked up his sword and shield before leaving.

"Mmm..." Daria did not bother to reply and remained on the table in the same manner.

"See you tomorrow then."

"See you."


With that, the group split up and Daria managed to drift off into a short nap.