Magic Is POWER


Mandy W

With many thanks to my parents, Who Inspired and helped me to write books

Chapter 1

The beginning of Magicalania

LONG, long, long ago, the Solar System was made up of just the sun. But the sun was made of flames at that time, not gas. Inside the sun lived four gods named Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Uranus. They were tall, handsome, strong and thoughtful. Also, there was four goddesses named Saturn, Venus, Earth and Neptune. They were tall, beautiful, graceful and intelligent. Life inside the sun couldn't have been smoother and it was paradise. All eight of them were extremely happy and no shocking surprises attacked them in the sun. Every one on them had their own features. Jupiter was handsome, Saturn was beautiful, Mars was strong, Venus was intelligent, Mercury was thoughtful, Earth was graceful, Uranus was thoughtful and Neptune was caring.

Now, these gods and goddesses had been working on a massive theme throughout their entire years. Their ambition was to create a planet, full of magic. The planet would be in another galaxy, a hidden, magical, sealed one. It was to be called Magicalania. They were also creating a powerful ring. This ring would have strong, powerful magic that whoever wore it could rule the planet. The ring was the element of the planet. The gods were creating the planet while the goddesses created the ring.

"Mercury, put that streak in here," Mars told Mercury, who was holding a shining silver ribbon. Mercury placed the streak inside a slot. The gods looked at the sphere made of glowing, coloured cords. It was becoming bigger and it was glowing palely with colour. Everyday, the colour was becoming stronger. That meant they were succeeding.

The goddesses were doing their project.

"This disc will have to go into the hole," Saturn said, looking at the shining disc in her hand, "I'm sure it'll fit." She pressed the disc down into the hole. Saturn was right. It fitted perfectly. The bottle with the colourful, sparkling liquid fizzed and whirled faster and faster. They tried hard all day. Jupiter slipped away. He gazed up at the high, flaming, golden, domed sky and then gazed all around him. Golden after golden after golden.

"Will we succeed?" He asked himself, "will we make it?" As soon as the words left Jupiter's lips, the golden, domed sky shimmered and the flames flickered brighter than ever. As he looked around in surprise, a shining, transparent light shone in front of Jupiter. Streams were whirling in the middle of the light. With a bright flash, a diamond glowed in the middle of the middle of the light. It dazzled and glowed and shone and sparkled. Beams shone around it. Then, all the light faded away and the diamond floated down into Jupiter's outstretched hand. It landed into his palm with a small tinkle.

"I know what this means," he gasped, "I've read it in one of the books in the library. This is the core to complete the ring and the planet."

He ran back to the others, holding the sparkling diamond up. They all knew what it was and what it meant.

"Jupiter! You've found the diamond that will complete the ring and the planet!" Cried Venus.

"You're a star!" Mercury smiled.

"How did you get (or find) the diamond, Jupiter?" Asked Neptune. So, Jupiter looked down at the diamond in his hand and told his story.

"I went out to relax and think this over. I gazed up at the golden sky and asked myself, "Will we succeed? Will we make it?" As soon as the words left my lips this transparent light shone down in front of me. Streams of light were whirling around in the middle of the light. Then, with a flash, a diamond glowed in the middle of the middle of the light. Beams were shining around it. Then, all the light vanished and the diamond floated into my palm." Uranus looked thoughtfully at the diamond.

"You know, this diamond will need to be placed somewhere special," He told the others, "because it is special."

"Where?" The other gods and goddesses chorused.

"It has to go with the ring and the planet. Moreover, the ring will be the core of the planet so the ring will need to be placed dead middle inside the planet. Then, we'll have to have the point of the diamond touching the upper side of the ring. That should do it," Uranus explained.

"But first we need to complete the ring and planet," Earth put in. All of them agreed to this. But Jupiter suddenly asked, "Where should we put the diamond while we complete the ring and planet?" All the others realized Jupiter was right and thought about it.

"How about in this slot I've got here? It's got soft, feathery fabric so it won't break. I made it in case of uses like this but I've never used it," Venus said, showing them a golden box with a diamond shaped slot in the middle. Inside the slot was a feathery, soft cushion and the outside was a soft fabric.

"Okay," Jupiter dropped the diamond into the slot, which fitted perfectly. Venus closed the box with a click and she put it onto a shelf.

"Let's start finishing the ring and planet," Saturn told them. They all returned to their work.

Inside a golden, transparent, big, open box with lots of tubes linking into the top, a ring colour was taking place. The outline of the ring was shimmering and the goddesses could just make out the pale colours of the ring.

"We've almost achieved it," whispered Neptune, her eyes shining. Earth tipped a bottle of sparkling silver liquid into one of the tubes. The liquid glided down the tube, out of the hole at the end of the tube and on the box and poured into the box onto the ring. The liquid dissolved into the ring and the parts that didn't touch the ring got sucked up into it. The colours became more bolder. Saturn dropped a smooth, oval, golden pebble through the box onto the ring. The pebble melted as it touched the ring and melted into it. The ring glowed as power flooded through it.

"After all those years, I believe we are certainly going to achieve it," Earth studied the ring closely. Venus pinched some sparkling, golden sandy sprinkles, if you know what I mean (not sprinkles on ice cream), and sprinkled it inside a tube. It slid down the tube and into the box, where it met the ring. At once markings, carvings and patterns were showing out.

Meanwhile, the gods were working on the planet.

"We need a twisted purple cord here," Jupiter pointed at a part of the sphere ball that was linked by cords and stuff and growing bigger, now showing colour. Mercury came forward with a twisted purple cord and attached one end to a different cord and the other to another cord. The planet's colours became stronger and stood out clearer.

"The colours are certainly improving," Mercury nodded. Mars used his strength to spin the planet. It spun round and round, the colours becoming brighter, the planet showing like a planet and more solid. When it stopped spinning, the planet looked stronger and more solid in colour and planet.

"There!" Mars stood back to admire it, "it is almost ready."

"I think this is the last metal ball that needs to be put," Uranus slid a metal ball into place. Patterns and swirls and stuff like that appeared and became bolder.

After attaching more things, reading about things and progressing hard, the ring and planet were ready. Bright streaks were streaking across the planet and streams had winding around the ring. They disappeared after a moment or two. This showed that they were ready. Saturn pulled on golden, flame made, long gloves, reached out her hands into the box and carefully took out the ring. It was glowing, shining, sparkling and shimmering. I bet you would like to know what the ring looked like. Well, the ring itself was pure golden, shining golden and so shiny that it reflected anything carefully. Pretty, magical carvings, symbols and patterns were on the ring. Mini, glistening amethysts were spread everywhere, all reflecting rainbow colours on them. On the top, a bright diamond that was made up of all different, glittering gemstones that were swirling and glowing like neon colours were sparkling. Around the diamond was a circle of rubies. Under the front side of the diamond was a small rose jewel. Double golden curves studded with small sapphires joined to the gemstone. Above this gemstone was a bigger, oval emerald. Golden curves curled around the ring. The ring was beautiful, powerful and amazing.

The planet was now a big sphere with lots of different colours. The colours were a galaxy colour of them, milky and swirling. There were red, purple, green, orange, blue, yellow, pink, silver, bronze and gold colours. They all looked galaxy and milky and they were swirling. A ring of dazzling, magical gemstones, sparkles, glitters, streams, streaks, flames, ice etc was wrapped around the middle of the planet. The planet was solid.

"Saturn, just drop the ring into the planet from the top," Jupiter instructed. Saturn posed the ring above the planet and dropped it into the planet. It fell in. They could just make out the ring, exactly in the middle, glowing. Jupiter went over to the shelf, took the golden box, opened it and took out the diamond. He dropped it into the planet, at the assuming place where Saturn dropped the ring. They held their breath.

Success! The tip of the diamond touched the diamond on the ring and hovered there. There was a bright flash and golden magic flooded over the planet. The planet, along with the ring and diamond floated out of their working place.

"Follow it!" Earth dashed out of the room, followed by the others. They ran after the planet, which was flying away fast. Venus quickly calculated where it was going.

"Quick! Teleport ourselves to the south end of the sun," She gasped to the others, "I'm sure that's where its heading!" They all stopped and clicked their fingers. At once, they felt themselves pulled into the air and rushing through at amazing speed. They appeared again at the south rim of the sun.

"There!" Cried Neptune. They all looked where she was pointing. The planet came before them. They peered out of the sun, which they had never done before. All of them were too excited to feel afraid.

The planet flew out of the sun. At once, it grew to so large a size that it seemed to fill the whole entire Solar System. It flew away from them and it was probably after two hours when it disappeared out of sight, into the far space. They all cheered in delight and success. Their job was done after all those years. Suddenly, Saturn gasped.

"Look!" She pointed a quivering finger around them. They stared as they looked and realized what was happening. All the beautiful, flickering flames were dissolving and turning to hot gas that swirled around thickly. It was getting hotter by every second. They had never felt the sun's heat before, having lived inside it for so long. But now they felt it.

"O-o-oh!" Cried Neptune, "I'm feeling myself burning up."

"So do we!" The others shouted. All the flames became gas. It swirled thickly and hotly around. Suddenly, the flew out of the sun and plunged through space, with sudden screams and shouts. It was unbearable and shocking.

Jupiter became a massive, white planet with brown streaks and smudges everywhere. Saturn became a light golden planet with a darker golden ring of ice around her. Mars became a reddish orange planet with dark reddish orange patches. Venus became a dark, golden planet with a few lighter golden streaks. Mercury became a pale black planet with white patches. Earth became a blue planet with lots of green patches, but mostly blue. Uranus became a light blue planet with a few white streaks. Neptune became a darker blue planet with even darker streaks. All of the gods and goddesses became planets. Dozens of other big balls that were silver and gold blasted into space and became dozens of shining, sparkling stars. Different coloured flaming balls shot into space and became other smaller planets. But what happened to the planet Magicalania? It flew quicker and quicker through space and entered many galaxies. In our time, Magicalania had flown through six years and six months which is why it would be impossible to track it. Soon, it entered another galaxy and hovered in the middle of it. The whole galaxy sealed up tightly and camouflaged so well that it almost became invisible. Gradually, Magicalania formed life. Life on Magicalania grew and grew. As life grew, the ring gained more magic and power. But what happened to the diamond Jupiter found? Well, it dissolved into the ring, producing an enormous amount of magic.

Magical stars had begun to show and twinkle around the planet. They formed great constellations and there were six main, royal, magical, powerful stars. The Sun Star, the Moon Star, the Water Star, the Snow Star, the Nature Star and the Harmony Star. They were called the Royal Stars. Every Magicalanian would be born under one of the stars. Lots of things developed on Magicalania and all of them were certainly magical. What happened to the magic ring? Well, it was tossed around on Magicalania and finally settled in a magical place. It was only to be found by a person who had the heart of kindness and the strength of good power. Every animal, creature, legendary creatures or people, mythological creatures or people and people called talk. Magicalania was to be a wonderful planet. But little did they know something very magical was to form at the end of this book.