Author's Note: Welcome to my most recent fairy tale! I hope you enjoy it!

Before I posted this story here, I spent a week posting little bits of extra information on world-building and character profiles in my main website. The link is in my profile if you want to check it out - the posts come with pretty pictures too!

And without further ado, here's the first scene of A Fairy Out of Her Tale!

1st January 1995

I killed my step-father.

Me, a fairy, guardian of all living things, just took away a life.

My punishment: our Mother Deity stripped me of my wings, my power, my right to be a fairy. Nothing I don't deserve.

And I have one hour to disappear. Where to, I don't know. I just can't be with other fairies anymore - I'll taint them.

I'm now sitting on my bed with this diary on my lap and my body hunched over it because I can't see my own handwriting. It's hard to understand those scrabbles when my hand shakes so much and tears mess up the ink. But I can't stop writing.

I'm wasting the time I should use to pack my things. I should be taking one last look at the bedroom where I grew up, and where until minutes ago the body of a man who had taken care of me for twelve years lay with a broken neck and bulging empty eyes. My life as the the High Priestess's first born started and ended here. I should be sucking up everything about this place to burn it in my memory.

Instead, my eyes are glued to this page. The words pour from my pen. Harshly, panicked. Torn. I've lost my right to talk to other fairies, so now this is all I have.

You are my confidant. My new best friend. My only way to understand my own feelings when my world is falling apart and I...

I want to cry on mum's lap, have her tell me everything is going to be fine and kiss my forehead. I want the safety of her embrace. Her soothing words of reassurance.

Of hope.

But I'll never see her again.

My time is almost up. I don't know where I'm going or what to take with me. I have to wander through the forest until I leave Floresfada, our fairy land. When I get to the other side... I don't even know what is in there. At the moment I'm not even sure I'll get that far. Particularly if I don't put this diary down right now and start packing useful survival things.

I'll go in a moment.


Oh Mother Deity of all fairies and our nature, please hear the last plea of a former humble servant no longer worthy of your compassion.

Please watch over my mother and brother, the family that is left after my unforgivable act, and give them the strength to rebuild their lives.

Please spare them from the shame of sharing their blood with a killer. They did nothing wrong. It was all my fault.


I'm not ready, but I must go.

Author's Note:

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This story is designed as a series of short diary entries. They'll be around 500 words usually - so ideal to fit in the middle of a busy day. And because each scene is so short, I'll post a few of them every week - every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, actually. Today we get two scenes though, as a special launch deal.

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