3rd January, 1995

Dear Diary of Contrived Coincidences,

You and your mouth! (page?) You did it again!

Just because we were talking about overstaying my welcome, I found a house in the middle of the forest!

I'm sort of hiding from it now. It's right in the middle of my path. The river I've been using as my guide goes straight through it. And I can't just walk around the house's perimeter because 1) it's huge 2) the area round it is kind of slopy, and my feet are tired enough without me going uphill. At least this means I'm going in the right direction - I'm heading towards the triple frontier between the fairy forest, the giant mountains, and the shape-shifter deserts. If this is the beginning of the mountains, the desert can't be too far ahead.

But that's assuming I can get through this part of the forest. I'm not supposed to contact any other fairy now. Mum would have spread the message that a tainted fairy is roaming the forests, so the people living here are probably expecting me to come by. They won't go as far as killing me for trespassing, but technically everything else is fair game.

I'm going to stay hidden until nightfall. I could use the rest anyway. I don't think I walked this much every day since... I don't think I ever walked this much. I never needed to.

I'm going to wait here, sitting nicely on this branch hidden by foliage, and wait until nobody can see anything. Then I'll jump through that fence and dash through the house, hopefully without destroying their garden or stomping on their pretty flowers.

Sounds like a plan, doesn't it?

Then wish me luck, because I'm even worse at running than I am at walking.

Author's Note: Thanks for reading!

This scene is a little on the short side, even for Nessa's standards. We're on to something here - most likely a horrible leading to some action scene leading to some... plot?

It's definitely the beginning of the end for Nessa's journey in the forest, I can say that much.

As for exactly how this is going to go horribly wrong... any guesses?

We'll find out on Tuesday!

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