A/N: This is part two of Massage, and I'm glad to finish it. Normally, these two-shots aren't my thing…but I kinda got told to stop being so damn emo and post fluff instead of being angsty.


Summary: Alana just wanted to unwind after a terrible day at work. Yue only meant to give her a back rub. Too bad the girl sounded so cute when touched that way.

*Second Shot*

Alana slowly blinked her eyes open, stretching out her arms, and she found herself in Yue's warm embrace. 'It wasn't a dream. I actually slept with her.' She blushed, and the red on her face grew when she saw her head was almost buried into Yue's soft chest. 'So warm and soft.'

Their legs were a tangled mess, and Alana could feel stickiness between her thighs that was neither sweat nor blood. It was pooling around her most sensitive area, and she looked at the love bite on Yue's neck that matched her own set of dental hardware. 'Did I really get that carried away? I didn't think I'd ever show so much passion in the bedroom.'

She couldn't remember much after being carried to the bedroom by her girlfriend, only that they found Yue's hidden stash of liquor, and they started getting even raunchier. It didn't take long for Alana to turn from embarrassed and shy to downright aroused and lusty; alcohol had that kind of effect on her.

Alana slowly unraveled her legs from Yue's, her hair as messy as a mop. 'I can't feel my legs. And I thought that Yue was kidding when she told me that I'd be numb after getting laid the first time.' The blood rushed down to her numb limbs, and she wobbled her way into the bathroom to clean herself up before her girlfriend woke up. Not that Yue would stir. She was a really heavy sleeper and wouldn't so much as budge, even if her alarm for work were to go off.

Alana stumbled in, clutching onto the sink for support, and slowly, the annoying pins and needles sensation coursing through her legs eased. 'Even though she was gentle like she promised, it still made me numb. '

A sharp breath left her throat as she felt along the insides of her thighs, the slender digits coming away sticky with a mixture of both her own and Yue's fluids. With shaking hands, her small tongue darted out to sample a taste, and she blushed. 'Why!? Why did I just do that!? That was so lewd! And why do I like it!?'

Acts of this nature didn't suit her, but the blonde continued on, suckling on her fingers to finish what she started. As her tongue cleaned the combination of bodily fluids, she found herself being slightly ashamed of her actions; she enjoyed it. The unusual taste teased her tastebuds in ways she never thought possible, and Alana started to slow down, her free hand squeezing her small breast.

A ragged moan throatily echoed in the small room, and Alana's eyes widened in embarrassment when she saw her girlfriend poke her head up drowsily. "What the…oh, hey darling. Couldn't wait for me to wake up?"

Even though Yue's tone was gentle and teasing, Alana still hid her face, looking down at the floor. "M-meh…I didn't mean to. I just got a little curious about something. Don't rub it in." 'I probably sound weird, too.'

"I can see that," Yue smirked, rubbing her eyes and yawning. She stretched out her arms, walked over to her shorter girlfriend, and pecked her on the cheek. "You look like you didn't want to leave whatever spot you were laying in. Lemme guess; you used my tits as a pillow?"


"Only playing with you. Awww, you're so cute when you're embarrassed," Yue laughed, hugging her from behind. "It's absolutely adorable."

Alana relaxed in her embrace, letting her play with her hair. "So…are we, you know, a thing?"


"A couple?"

"Of course we are, you ditz," Yue rolled her eyes, spinning her around and giving her a quick peck on the lips. "You know better than anyone that the idea of one-night stands are utterly revolting to me. As of yesterday, you were my girlfriend."

The smaller girl leaned her head into her chest, blinking back tears of joy. "You have no idea how happy that makes me. I was afraid you wouldn't want to, for some reason." 'Why the hell was I afraid? Of all the people in the world, Yue wouldn't ever hurt me.'

"I can imagine," Yue murmured, brushing her hair with her smooth hands and placing her soft lips on her forehead. "Now, come on, it's nearly lunchtime. Let's get something to eat, hmm?"

All it took for this relationship to spark was a little massage.

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