*disclaimer not all mental disability symptoms are factually correct. This is all based of a dream I had. I do not intend to cause offence to anyone.*

'Mummy, can daddy come with us today?'

Alice, only recently started primary school is just like every other 5 year old girl. Loves glitter and fairies, and playing with her dolls. She loves being with her daddy. She is a daddy's girl, and has the same fair hair and bright blue eyes. But, her daddy is different. Sometimes daddy gets sad or anxious. Sometimes he has a meltdown. Sometimes he acts like a child. But other times he acts normal. But through Alice's eyes this is all normal, he is her daddy.

'Go ask him sweetie' Sarah replies as she gets ready for the school run.

Alice skips into the bedroom where all 4 of them sleep. They live in a 2 room flat, just one bedroom, the kitchen, then a small bathroom.

'Daddy daddy' Alice sings ' Can you walk me to school today?'

'Shoes' Buddy whispers.

Alice jumps to get daddies shoes.

Buddy shuffles to his feet and puts his coat on. Standing at the door he looks at his wife and shares a small, gentle smile. Taking a deep breath Buddy steps out into the cold morning of a world that does not like him, all because of the little girl by his side holding his hand, is his. Buddy knows that he is different. As a child he was told that i was autism, that he would never achieve anything in his life. That he would eventually be locked up in mental institute. No, he is better than that, he can do it… when someone is holding daddy's hand.

*A- if you have actually read this, Yay, sorry for wasting your time

B- I would like to continue this, but if you would also like to or you have any ideas, just message me.*