Some nights, you are not tucked under the blanket of sleep

And once you've blinked its intoxication from your eyes

Once you've heard past the noises of the world,

Right into the silence

You catch glimpses of that world

The world you could almost be living in

The world that you long to be a part of, unknowingly

Look carefully,

For it is found in the fragile balance of emptiness between your breaths

Between the mechanism of your existence

If your heart stills, does it mean you are dead?

Or is it peace?

Or are they one and the same?

But if they are, then still your heart, you will know.

Steal those moments, beyond sleep

Where this world shares borders with the other one

And maybe, the gears of life will once again run

For a while, without the stress

You always know, how to trap happiness between moments

The moon showed me the secret

Sleep stayed at the threshold for me, smiling.