"Just a simple question I, wonder what you did,
I wonder whom did make you this, I left you just a kid,
I left a garden guardian just, stop look at you now.
You leave bodies all around, waiting to be found."
Said the darkest box, me arrow bones answered him not,
sent me to the reddest queen, he's hoping I forgot.

She looked down at me, glint of evil in the eyes,
"Arrow bones, it's you" was barely heard behind the cries.
Killer with the cold blood but, not intentionally,
I had once the best reputation, "yes your majesty."
"Look you know" a girl cried "we, have things to discuss."
"Kill them all I know" I said, more bodies' just a plus.
A smile climbed up her face how I, want to do it now,
The arrow's ever so close and I, already know how.

But no I must not, patience, hands please do stop the twitch,
Guards all around, can take them all, want to start with which?
"So, we're set" wicked smile fell, down from her face.
"Yes, indeed" did never smile, stood firmly in my place.
"When am I going to, get this over with?"
"When we tell you to, meanwhile have rest and have some space."

"Ace of spades and card is red, he's the one I'll blame.
Reddest queen is not yet dead, do I have news for you."
Second shape did dance around, the shadow of his youth,
"I'm ears and eyes and sacrifices, holy be the truth."
If only I could see his face, somewhere in this dark,
I want to see the fear in eyes, I want to kill his spark.
Even with bad luck here and now, I won't miss if I aim,
"I'm Arrow bones, but holy truth is now I know my name."