The girl ducked into the alley way her hands shaking and her heart beating fast. A casual observer might think she was running from something, but actually she was running towards it. She pushed open the solitary door and stumbled into the black room. She dug through her backpack for her lighter and a candle. After a few tries the small flame lit the area and she used it to light the candle. She dumped her backpack out and began arranging the tools she's brought.

"There you are," her friend said relieved. She looked at the things the girl had laid out. "Did you really make voodoo dolls?"

The girl rolled her eyes. "If you're going to bring that negative energy in here, you should leave now."

"I'm the one with the negative energy? You're trying to ruin people's lives!"

"I'm not trying to ruin their lives, I'm trying to kill them," the girl said. She began burying the dolls in a box of dirt. She was careful to put them in the order she wanted.

"This is stupid."

"It's only stupid if it doesn't work." The girl placed the final doll with a vintage locket wrapped around it.

"You don't really think this is going to really work do you?" She kicked the box, earning a glare from the girl.

"We'll see."

"You're insane, you know that right?"

"Whatever." The girl said standing up.

"Come on, its getting cold and we're going to be late to the party."

"We need to hide this first." The girl said tapping the top of the box.

"Fine, but hurry up!" He friend said impatiently. "I'm trying to get on Tyson's radar."

The girl pried up a loose floorboard and stuck the box under the floor. "You aren't even his type."

"Who is then?"

"Me, obviously. I'm everyone's type." The girl stomped on the board fixing it back into place. "Let's go."