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This was not how I thought my day would go down. Eddie was just supposed to go in, rob the mini mart, and we'd be on our merry way. Nowhere in those plans did it say he was going to pin it all on me. I knew I'd get charged with accessory. The getaway driver usually was. But that idiot managed to get himself caught. At a mini mart! This wasn't our first trip to the fair. He should know better. But then again…So should I.

"So," Eddie planned while the two of us were still in bed. Our little one-bedroom apartment wasn't much, but it was better than jumping from couch to couch, from abandoned warehouse to abandoned warehouse, from smack den to smack den (where Eddie always said he knew a guy, but I knew better. He was just looking to score.). It's not like we needed anything more than what we had, "We're going for the mini mart tonight, right, babe?"

"The mini mart?" I wondered, checking his oddly normal sized pupils, "Are we in high school? Come on, Eddie. We're so above that."

"I know," he ran his fingers up my arm, "But I'm feeling kind of lazy. An easy job won't take me long. We can get there, clean house, and be back in time for last call. Then, you and I can go to Denny's and come home."

"Mini mart heists and Denny's?" I cuddled into him, "I'm starting to think we really are back in high school."

"All that's missing is the old van and a nickel bag between us," Eddie coated my bare shoulder in kisses, "I miss those days."

"Me, too," I laid my head in his chest, "Hey, Eddie…I've been thinking a lot lately."

"Be careful with that, Ren," he poked at me, drifting back out of consciousness, "Thinking can get dangerous. What do we always say?"

"Don't think. Just do?"

"That's my girl," Eddie wrapped his arms around me, holding me tight.

"I'm serious, though," I bit my lip, "Maybe this could be it."

Immediately, his eyes shot back open, "What do you mean?"

"After the mini mart tonight," I thought, "Maybe it could be our last job and we can go straight."

"What did you say?" Eddie spoke barely above a whisper. Not good. When Eddie gets angry, he gets quiet. When he's really angry, he starts swinging, "I know you didn't just say something that stupid. My girl is too smart for that."

"Look," I brushed him off, trying to get out of bed, "Forget I said anything."

"That's the thing, though," Eddie chuckled under his breath, yanking me back down by my wrist, "You know how my memory works when I'm sober."

"Eddie, let me go," I pleaded, "Just forget it."

"You really think a couple of common thieves like us can ever go straight?" he snapped, "What is there for us, Ren? This is all we got. Just you and me and the job. It's not like anyone's going to hire two petty criminals. Do you want to go back to the warehouses?"

"No," I inched away from him, "I just thought…"

"Do you want to go back to the dens?" he threatened, knowing how I felt about that. I nearly threw up in my mouth. Who knew junkies would get handsy?


"Then," Eddie held my face between his hands, "What are we going to do, Ren?"

"Not think," I shook in his grasp, "Just do."

"There you go," he kissed me gently, "So tonight, you and me are going to do this one little job. We'll go to the bar. We'll go to Denny's. We'll go home…Ok?"

Something in my gut still didn't feel right. I knew Eddie's switch could go off and on at the drop of a hat, but this was scary. Going with him seemed stupid, but I was the one that kept him out of jail. I couldn't abandon him like that. In hindsight, I should've walked out a long time ago. We've all done dumb things for love, though. So we think anyway.

"Ok," I still kept my distance, but he pulled me back in.

"Hey," Eddie lifted my chin up, giving me one last kiss, "I love you, Serenity Rose. Don't you ever forget that."

At the time, I believed him. Eddie seasoned his words just right to suit my tastes. It wasn't until now that I realized Eddie was the leftovers in the back of the fridge way past their prime. And look where that got you, Ren. Instead of food poisoning, you're on the run from the cops because your ever so lovable boyfriend pinned everything on you. If I ever see Eddie after this is all said and done, it'll be too soon.

The red and blue lights flickered off the wet road into my rearview mirror. Where to go, where to go. It's not like I could use any of the safehouses to lay low anymore. Eddie knew every single one of them. There's no doubt he'd open his mouth and tell his new cop buddies about them. This wasn't what I meant by going straight, you idiot. I thought we could pack up the apartment and skip town, not squeal on me.

The lights kept getting closer and closer and I don't think my car could go any faster. It could fall apart at the seams at any moment as it is. Pushing it wasn't helping. I needed to think on my feet. Come on, Ren. What do we do? You got 5-0 in your trunk, a murder to plan, and little to no time. Plus, all the safehouses are no longer safe. And to put the icing on the cake, my visibility was getting even worse.

Just when I thought I hit a shallow puddle, the flash from the lightning mixed with headlights and police sirens practically blinded me. That shallow puddle made me hydroplane something fierce. This is what happens when my little Festiva is doing 120 down a freshly paved highway and my vision gets screwed up. I started doing circles, moving my hands quickly along the steering wheel, trying to correct it as much as could. To no avail, I ended up sliding into the ditch and into an electrical pole.

Before I knew it, I completely blacked out. Maybe it was the shock of the crash. Maybe it was the impact. Maybe it was the nauseating smell of burnt rubber. But everything shut down. I wasn't sure if I was alive or dead, if I'd be waking up in a jail cell or if I'd wake up at all. All I knew at this point for absolute certain was my God, my ribs were killing me.

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