It was a dark night. The fog that hung in the air was suffocating thick. You could almost image walking out into it and never finding your way home. On any other day it might sound romantic, beautiful, whimsical. But on this night, it just felt gloomy.

On one side of town, a teenage girl was speeding down a dimly lit country road. She knew she should slow down, but she couldn't bring herself to tap the breaks. When she got in one of these moods it was better just to let out all the pent out energy. No cops were ever on this road anyway. It wasn't like this night could get any worse.

She held her phone in her right hand, on speaker. She clutched it and the steering wheel in a lose grasp. She wasn't dumb enough to take a hand off the wheel in this weather. White-hot tears spilled over her eyes. She'd promised herself that she wouldn't cry, but here she was. She wasn't always a crier, but today had been particularly awful. It was only getting worse.

"I thought we said, "best friends forever?" Is that just some stupid thing kids say?" She asked the girl on the other end. It felt stupid even to her, but she couldn't help but ask. "I believed it." Her voice was barely above a whisper and half choked out by the sound of her sobs.

"Lizzy?" The girl on the other end whispered. At this point, Elizabeth couldn't tell the difference between genuine recognition, and the acting her former friend was known for.

"It's been a while since anyone called me that," she said, almost without feeling now. The numbness was creeping in. It always came on her bad days. It was almost worse than the crying. "Remember when we promised to be old ladies in the nursing home? Till death do us part." She laughed sharply and without humor. She pressed harder on the gas pedal. The faster she went, the better she felt. "I guess that's how it's going to be."

"Lizzy, please," the girl practically begged. "Let's talk about this in person."

"Now you want to see me." She spoke without bitterness. Elizabeth couldn't even muster up the effort anymore. She just felt empty.

"Look, I'm sorry-" Before the other girl could finish her sentence, she was cut off. The sound of a car spinning out of control drowned out her words. Then the crash. She wanted to tear her headphones off, to make it stop. But, she listened, her heart beating uncontrollably fast.

The glass shattering, tires squealing, and one long unending horn. It felt like it would never end. As if she were trapped in the car with Elizabeth, as it careened off the dark foggy road. The silence after was worse.

She felt like screaming, but all she could muster up was a tiny, terrified whisper. "Lizzy?"