Karla is mad at the author of the book she is in. Maybe mad is putting it lightly more like erupting volcano mad. Steaming? About to flip her lid? No many ways to describe her anger. Maybe you should just read for yourself and see how angry she is.

Genre: Humor (Well I hope it's funny)

Rating: K

To: The one who created me

Subject: Your story

Thank you for creating me. I am glad to be alive and to be apart of the world you created. But I do have one tiny, it really is tiny, a matter of one sentence, problem with your story.

I bet you know what I mean. I bet you know i'm talking about a sentence. Yes, that one sentence. The one sentence which is THE ONLY MENTION OF ME IN THE WHOLE STORY!

"There was a pink haired girl brooding in the corner."

REALLY?! One sentence. 357 pages, 89,130 words and I am given ONE SENTENCE! ONLY 10 WORDS! You are a writer you could do better than this!

I have pink hair, a backstory worthy of someone important, and unlimited potential. I would make a fantastic main character. But no, I'm a character with ONE STINKING SENTENCE!

Besides that little issue I believe your story is good. It is lacking a really powerful pink haired girl though. Just saying.

From: Karla

(Take my suggestion it will improve your story….greatly)

To: The most (cough) wonderful (cough) amazing (cough) writer ever (with heavy sarcasm)

Subject: Your Sequel

I was quite surprised when I noticed you writing a sequel. I was also super excited to see what you did with my request.

I'm glad to see you took my complaint to heart and changed how much I am in the story. I am no longer in just one sentence oh no I speak a full sentence and have a one sentence description.

""It would never work," argued a pink haired girl."

ARE YOU FLIPPIN' KIDDING ME! That's almost as bad as it was in the first book.

Actually it's worst. I just counted the words and I'm only in 9 this book. NINE! That's one less than in the last book!

Do you find this funny? Cause for a character who is powerful enough to be a main character or at least an important one, heck I could even be the villain, this is not amusing.

I should be doing greater things in this story instead of being a spot the Waldo in your story!

Change it… NOW!

From: Your very powerful pink haired character Karla

To: The big shot jerk writer

Subject: Your third book

Well, I have to say I was very…. disappointed. Are you an idiot? I've been sending you not so subtle hints that you need to fix this. But you don't seem to be listening.

I am powerful, I am interesting, readers would love me and I deserve to be a part of this story!

I am much better than that little princess you call a main character. The villains wouldn't stand a chance if I was the lead.

I will boycott your story if you don't… that wouldn't work I'm barely in the story to begin with.

Speaking of that….

"They all died a horrendous death. Even the pink haired girl."


I have a threat for you. If you don't make me important, if I don't become the main character I will go on a rampage and destroy this carefully crafted world of yours.

I will use all this incredible power you have given me and cause Armageddon, unless you make me the main character.

Do it or the world will suffer.

(I'm going after your stupid main character first.)

From: The new evil of the realm unless I get my way

To: Karla

Subject: A new story

Here you go you are now the main character. Hope you love it. :)

From: Your loving creator

File attached

From Zero to Greatness

To: The Most amazing writer ever

Subject: I will never question you ever again

I was wrong. Ick… that felt awful to say but it's true. You were right I was wrong.

Please never make me a main character ever again.

Please let me go back to being a random cameo.

I will never threaten you for a better spot in the story ever again.

Just please never make me a main character ever again

From: Your truly humbled character Karla