When you kill an evil witch... well you should have just left her alone. No one makes it out unscathed when a witch sets a curse upon them. No one.

Genre: Tragedy

Rating: K+ (I think, could be a T rating but I don't think it is, tell me if you think otherwise)

"You have taken my life so I shall take everything of yours. This village will rot, your crops will burn, your cattle will decay and pass. The water will run dry all your children will die. And finally so will you. You have killed me little humans but your fate will be worse than mine. Killing me will be the last mistake you all will make."

These were the last words uttered by the evil witch the villagers killed. A final curse to destroy the people who killed her.

Knowing of the witch's power the village watched and waited. And waited. And waited. Nothing. Nothing happened. Years passed and nothing the witch said came to pass. Soon they stopped worrying, soon they stopped watching. Eventually they forgot about it.

They should have kept watching because curses don't die, curses don't fail, curses don't forget. If it has been cast than all hope is lost. There is no running away, no hiding. It will find it's victims and take it's revenge.

A curse may not be stopped but it can be delayed.

The village had a guardian. The witch's own daughter. She was friends with some of the people in the village, she was even married to one of the villagers. And she did not wish for them to be killed by her evil mother. Even though she couldn't completely stop the curse she went about delaying it.

Each year she would cast a counterspell. And it worked. The curse didn't bother the village as long as she kept casting the spell.

When she knew she was about to die she passed on the knowledge to her daughter and got her to continuing casting the spell to protect the village.

That is how it went for hundreds of years. The burden of keeping the village alive passed from mother to daughter and sometimes grandmother to granddaughter. The village had its own secret protectors even as the village forgot the sin they had committed and turned their curse into a legend.

Eventually the burden wasn't… couldn't be passed on.

The last guardian was Marly. She was my best friend. She told me of the curse and her part in keeping the village safe. Every year she would cast the counter spell until the year came were she was unable to.

It was thirty years ago when she passed away. She warned me since she had no one to pass on the responsibility to, the village would one day succumb to the curse. I did my best trying to warn the village. But they mocked me and ignored my warnings. So I watched and waited knowing the curse would begin to destroy the village soon.

I was surprised when I started to see signs of the curse so long after her death. No one else saw it no one else cared about it. I watched and saw our doom. You ignored the signs and pretended the legend was false.

Now as your village has started to crumble around you, you are finally turning to me. You should have listened as I warned you time and time again. It is too late now to save this village. It is too late now to run. This village will crumble and die to pay for the sin of killing a witch.

Her curse is upon us now and there is nowhere to run.

AN: This was much darker a story than I was intending... oh well. At least I wrote a story for the week.

Hope y'all enjoyed it! And are looking forward to next week's!