Recently the SpaceX thing launched, and out of a number of events all happening at once in the world right now and in my life I came up with this.

Hope you like. And the title's called "Roll the Bones" because of a research paper I recently did on Gaming and Gambling Addiction. The final conclusion from the research conducted is that we likely all have in our DNA this in-built desire to tempt fate. If so, then the subsequent question would be are we playing with God, or against God in this game we have all been made to play. Everything in life is ultimately in some ways game-play decisions and/or a gamble. Nothing in this world is 100% predictable after all. The most important game you will ever have to play is the game of life itself. Be it a game or a gamble, it depends on how you play, but ultimately at the end of the day we all have to count our lucky stars and hope things will work out for the better... despite all odds, and against all evidence. That is the meaning of faith.

Roll the Bones

If I die before I wake

Should the Lord indicate

Through premonition Or awake

Dreams foretell Of future lakes

The hour of my departure In the spades

Have him send my soul To keep

Into the bones Made from me

To these bones Install the key

Of infinite life Or destiny

To save mankind From final sleep

A coin and a dice

Memory of a vice

To hold or to free

To heaven or a fleet

Cages and birds

Destiny's sea

Noah's Ark

Built this century

Come with me We will find the land


Away from here

Sky s the limit Then there's space

Who on Earth

Can appreciate

This dream we seek For fortune s keep

Therein lies

Heavenly blue

Nameless voids

Heavenly diamonds

In the stars and the suns

Blood diamonds Or a Quartz

Timeless one

Roll the bones