A/N: This poem was featured in the February 26, 2018 issue of the newspaper, Christian Courier.

In the beginning, God created…

The reality in which I live

The reality by which I see

The reality which is me.

The heavens and the earth.

And I was without form, and void;

And darkness was upon the face of my soul.

And His Spirit hovered over the waters of my soul.

And then He spoke to me

And His Word

Flooded my world

With Light.

"Let there be…"

It shone in the darkness

And chased away my night

And my former darkness

Understood it not.

He filled my world with starlit wonder

And caused the Son to shine upon me;

Even the moon reflects His light in the valley

Of the shadow of death

Which I must walk through.

"Let them be for signs, and for seasons,

and for days, and for years…"

I AM but dust

Yet You breathed into me

The breath of life

And have remade me

Into Your likeness

And, behold…it is very good.