Sihn took in the sight of the female before him. She was even more radiant up close and the scent of fresh blood made it even harder to resist his male urges to get up in her. But he wasn't here for that, he needed to get her back to the Haven and under careful watch before the sun rose.

"What is he doing here?" She spoke up closing the door behind her and stepping forward slowly.

I could tell even though she was unstable in more ways than one she was still on high alert. Her eyes glaring down at me as she took each step carefully. Her black shoulder length hair a mess with strands falling over her pale tan skin, her fangs still elongated from her feeding…God she was beautiful.

"I'm sorry Mari." Her friend glanced from me to her. "He said it was urgent."


"Yes, I am sorry to unexpectedly come to you but I need to bring you back to the Haven." I stepped forward. "Your friend Clary was kind enough to bring me to you."

"Too bad I'm not going anywhere." She argued back.

Her defiance sent a sudden twinge through me that I hadn't felt in a long time and brought an unexpected growl from my chest.

"Well that's a shame that I'm not asking." I grinned.

"Sorry but I'm not one of your servants you can command your majesty." She went towards her friend grabbing her by the arm and pulling her along. "If I were you I'd go back to your hidey hole since the sun is about to rise."

Just as I was about to continue our lovely little fight I caught the scent…the smell of rotting flesh was unmistakable. Makers and they hadn't come alone. They brought their blood born mercenaries with them.

"Damn it." I reached inside of my coat and pulled out two daggers from his holster.

He saw as the female vampire went on the defensive with her friend back to back as they came closer. Being the warrior that he was, he didn't want a female of his race and a human in the line of fire so he took the fight to them, dematerializing right in front of one of the merc blood borns and slicing his throat. The blood splattered onto him as he kept up the pace waking his way through the small group of them till he reached the three Makers.

As he was about to attack he felt a knife stab him in the back and mixed onto the blade was holy water, one of the weaknesses of a pure bred vampire, that and sunlight. Sihn felt the liquid seeping into his body as he fell to one knee. Gritting his teeth from the pain he felt his fangs elongate as he stared up at the three Makers, with smiles on their faces. One of them with a scar over his eye stepped forward as Sihn felt his body going numb. He was dying…not quickly as he had hoped…but slowly. The one who stabbed him grabbed his arms and held him at bay while another held the knife to his throat.

"My…oh my, we did not expect to catch the king. Did we brothers?" He smiled with their rotting teeth.

"…I will be avenged if I am killed…" Sihn spoke in small breathes.

"Oh we do hope you will be…because that way we can kill the rest of you all at once." He chuckled and then coughed. "Now, enjoy hell king of the vampires!"

Sihn closed his eyes welcoming death as he felt the knife pressing into his skin. But suddenly felt it get moved away. When he opened his eyes he saw the female vampire snapping the neck of the one who was holding the knife and throwing a kunai into the one holding him. With anger filling her eyes she stomped toward the scarred face Maker who had been speaking to him and stabbed him through the chest with her bare hands ripping out his rotting heart.

"Your majesty!" He heard the other female, Clary it must've been, lifting him up in her lap and shaking him as he went out of consciences his eyes on Mari.

This was not what she had expected the rest of her day to go when she woke up from feeding, not at all. Here she was back at the Haven, sitting at the bed side of the king of the vampires. Biting on her nail she felt frustration kicking in. She was still hyped from the kill and after carrying him to the Haven with Clary and pacing around outside the medical unit she thought she would've calmed down but none of it helped. Not to mention she had kept a real big secret from Clary, one she didn't want her to find out the way she did.

"So you're a half breed?" Clary stood next to me staring at the nurses going to work on the wounded king we brought back.


"Why didn't you tell me? Or better yet the Society?" She turned to me her eyes full of questions.

"I didn't want them to turn me over to the Haven. I'm not someone's child who needs watching over or protection. I learned from my mother how to defend myself. I don't need a band of immortal brothers watching over me." I answered not meeting her gaze.

"But why not tell me at the very least, I thought we were friends." She turned me to her. Her green eyes filled with concern.

"I'm sorry Clary; I didn't want to put you in more danger."

She hugged me tight against her as I felt tears falling from her eyes down her cheeks.

"I promise I won't tell anyone, your secrets safe with me."

"Thank you." I hugged her tight.

Like that we were back to the usual way we were before. I looked over when I heard Clary coming back in with whom I'm assuming was one of the brothers. The one we met from before who wanted us to wait for the king. Never noticed it before but he was pretty well built, just like the others. His hair was black and spiked with green tips. He had a scar on his face meaning he must've seen some intense battles and of course it would seem everyone in this damn place who was a warrior believed leather to be very fashionable, along with the boots to go with it. I couldn't help but laugh to myself.

"Mari this is Rhain, he is one of the immortal brothers and he is in charge of protecting the king." Clary stepped to the side so he could fit into the room as well.

When she looked down I saw the slightest hint of pink on her pale white cheeks. Which gave me the hint that something had happened between them before they got here…either that or she found a new toy to play with. I dropped my feet from the counter they were on letting my boots slam hard on the marble.

"Well is he going to be okay?" I asked.

"He'll survive the stab but due to the type of weapon used he is going to need to feed in order to be completely healed." Rhain spoke up; his voice was deep, deeper than the kings.

"Okay so bring a vamp in here and feed him." I stood up feeling my frustration get the better of me. I hated being inside closed walls.

"Well that's the problem, he only feeds from females and not only that but a normal female vampire isn't going to cut it with this type of wound." His eyes met mine.

"What do you mean? He is a vampire like the rest of us, just fucking feed him and he'll be fine." I gritted my teeth.

"Mari…we were actually hoping you could feed him." Clary spoke up. "You are half immortal too. Your blood could help him."

I was taken aback by Clary's words. Me feed him? This must be a joke. I thought. I had never fed anyone other than myself. Never even saw it done when I was with my mother.

"Please Mari." Clary stepped forward.

"No. I can't, I've never fed anyone in my entire life. No way am I gonna feed him!" I pointed at him. Just as I did I heard him shuffling in the bed. When I looked, his eyes were on me.


"Sihn." I heard Rhain come over and clap hands with his king. "You crazy SOB, we thought we lost you."

"I'm fine, thanks to our female friend over there." He spoke nodding his head at me.

"Seriously next time you decide to go out like that make sure you have an escort service or at least bring me. It's my job to protect your dumbass." Rhain joked.

"I'll think about that." Sihn sat up slowly and turned his attention to me. "Now what's this I hear you won't feed me?" He grinned that stupid grin of his at me.

"No I won't." I placed my arms over my chest.


"Because I am not some blood whore nor am I your damn servant." I felt frustration turning into anger but felt it being challenged by a growl from Rhain which turned my attention to him. "What you got something to say big guy?" I stepped towards him.

"Mari stop it." Clary grabbed my arm pulling me back sternly.

My eyes met Clary as she shook her head for me not to pursue the fight with him and reluctantly I backed down looking away. Until I heard Sihn laughing loudly. So hard it looked like he was about to burst his stitches.

"Fierce as ever. Leave us, I wish to talk to her alone." Sihn looked at Clary and Rhain.

They both looked at us and nodded shuffling out into the hallway closing the door behind them. Leaving just me and the king alone. He placed his hands beside him and kept his eyes on me. Without realizing it I found myself pacing again.

"It was your first time actually coming face to face with one of them wasn't it?" He broke my pace.

"Excuse me?" I looked at him.

"That Maker you killed, it was your first time coming face to face with one of them and killing one at that…wasn't it?" He voice was low as he situated himself in the bed.

I nodded. "I had never seen one up close…nor had I ever crossed blades with one. My entire life I had tried my best to stay away from them." I sat down placing my elbows on my knees feeling my foot tap underneath them.

"So what made you stay and save me then? I've never seen a female vampire fight like you do."

"My mother…she taught me how to defend myself before she left. Besides, I couldn't just let the king die right in front of me. What would your brothers think of me if I did?" I felt a slight grin on my face.

"My brothers would've thought no less of you. In our eyes you are just a female vampire. Yes one with immortal blood flowing through her veins but as that is, you are more precious to us alive." I looked up at him; his light blue eyes were glowing brightly in the dim light of the room.


"You are an immortal like us. We are a dying race. We can't afford to lose any more of our kind or else the vampire's that do reside here will die."

Feeling like a weight was weighing heavily on my chest I looked down. No one had ever put it as clearly to me as he did. For the first time I felt like maybe I was wrong to run away from them.

"Mari." He called to me and my eyes met his once more.


"Come closer."

With slight hesitation I moved the chair closer to the side of bed. When I did he reached for my hand and I tried to pull back but he was strong even while he was wounded. This meant he was older than I was…and that being said, an older immortal was harder to disobey. His fingers softly traced over my veins in my wrist.

"Your blood is precious Mari and as such you have every right to not give it to anyone if you don't wish to." He leaned down and kissed my wrist.

As his lips touched my skin softly I felt my blood turn hot in my veins. My body shivered and my fangs began to elongate, when I looked at him so did his. The scent coming from him was that of a warrior and of a king…but mainly a hungry vampire who needed to feed.

"Mari…will you let me take your vein?" His gaze was hard on me.

Without hesitation I nodded.

Sihn never thought that she would allow him to ever take her vein. Yet she did and he was more than willing to, so long as she gave him permission. He handled her with care, softly placing his lips on to her skin as he help onto her wrist as gently as he could. The hunger was very strong due to the wound he sustained and he wasn't sure if he could be gentle but he willed himself to. As he bit down he heard a gasp from her and his eyes shot up to her as her warm blood filled him. He drank her in like a fine wine and with the energy she gave him along came her memories. She was indeed a fighter, ever since her mother died she fought to survive and stay hidden.

When he felt he had enough he pulled back slowly licking the wound where he bit sealing it. He licked his lips and looked into her eyes. She was panting and a slight red came over her cheeks, along with the scent of sex. Of course how could he forget with feeding not only were you supplying the person with energy and a rapid recovery, but it was sexual as well. Sihn slightly brushed his thumb over her cheek smiling.

"Thank you." He spoke softly.

And like the jackass he was he leaned in and kissed her, which made her become aware of what had just taken place because she back away quickly almost falling out of the chair but he caught her and pulled her to him. He took in her scent and felt the possessive nature in him rising. Like the fighter she was, she fought against him, but with his strength returning he was stronger.

"Let go." She struggled.

With no struggle at all he pulled her down into the bed putting himself on top of her. He heard her gasp as he pressed against her, even he could feel his erection growing. Not just that but his need to make her, his and keep her from the outside world.

"Mari…" He whispered into her ear softly pinning her hands above her head.

She froze underneath of him and glared at him.

"Get off of me." She growled.

Like a kick in the nuts he saw what had seemed to pain him the most and smelt it as well. The scent of sex was gone, replaced with anger. He quickly let go of her and moved from on top of her allowing her to get up and grab her coat walking to the door and slamming it behind her. That is not how he wanted any of that to go down. Filled with anger at himself he used his strength to flip the bed and with a loud roar he screamed. Making Rhain come rushing in with confusion.

"My lord?"

"What?" I growled.

"Everything okay?" He stepped forward looking at the mess I had made.

"Everything is fine." I didn't meet his gaze.

"Did she feed you?"

"Yes. Not only that but in the process I marked her with my sealing kiss." I leaned over the counter.

As if he couldn't hear me he asked. "I'm sorry you did what!?"

"I marked her as mine!" I growled meeting his eyes. "She is mine."

Rhain couldn't help but begin laughing.

"What is so funny?"

"I'm assuming she didn't take that too well then, seeing as how she stormed out of here like a bat out of hell." He crossed his heavy arms over his chest.

"I will not force myself on her."

"Good. With that aside, I'll let the others know that you are well." Rhain bowed his head slightly and headed for the door. "Oh by the way, Kaya is here to talk to you." He added before leaving.

Kaya, the witch whom he became indebted to centuries ago. It must be that time again already. Rubbing his eyes with frustration he had to mentally prepare himself for what he was about to do. Now that he had marked Mari as his, doing what he was about to do next was going to be fucking torture. Feeding a half breed that he created usually ended with them having sex like two wild animals in heat. Not to mention his blood kept her young. God he was such an asshole.

I kept running and running until I reached the end of the outskirts of the city and of the Haven. My heart was pounding and my blood was on fire. When I lifted my sleeve I saw a black insignia on my wrist where he had bitten me and cursed. The bastard marked me. He went and fucking marked me like I'm some sort of object to claim. This was the last thing I wanted to happen to me. I went searching my pockets for my smokes, finding the box I pulled out a cig and placed it in my mouth lighting it and taking in a long drag. I let out a sigh with smoke and couldn't help but laugh. I can't sit here and put all the blame on him, I was into it as well. But the feeling of being submissive to someone didn't set well with me. I was never that type of girl.

Mari took another drag remembering everything that went down, the hurt look on his face as she shut him down. She found herself tracing fingers along the insignia and smiled. Shaking her head she couldn't understand why she felt this way about a male she knew nothing about. But something deep down told her to go back and apologize for how she reacted.

Blowing out smoke and tossing the cig, "This is going to be difficult."

Mari found her way back to Haven and through the hallways to the medical unit. Looking around the room she saw it was empty and all of his belongings were gone. Could he have recovered that quickly? Seeing a nurse down the hall she caught up to her at a jog and stopped her.

"Excuse me, where is the king?" I asked.

"Oh hello ma'am, he is in the grand hall. Down the hall to the right. I believe he is getting ready for a meeting, but if you hurry you might be able to catch him before he leaves." She smiled.

"Thank you." I ran in the direction she gave me.

Mari pushed open the doors and stopped at the sight she saw. Her breath halted in her chest, her heart freezing. Standing straight ahead was Sihn kissing another female, holding her tenderly in his arms. She tried to force herself away but kept her eyes on them. When their lips parted she had leaned toward his ear and whispered something and Sihn smiled. A sudden pain hit her chest hard.

"Mari?" Clary's voice came from behind her causing Sihn and the woman to look over in her direction. "I thought you left."

I kept my eyes on him as his expression turned into surprise. I smiled a little hiding my shock and turned to Clary.

"I did, I just thought I forgot something, but looks like I didn't." I walked to her closing the door behind me and ignore the faint sound of him calling my name.

"Oh okay, shall we go back to the Society then? They just gave me a call about another mission." She fell into step with me.

"Yeah. Let's go." I dug my nails into the insignia making four claw marks till I bled.

It was just my imagination…the feeling I felt towards him…was just an imagination…

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