Second Meeting

"Day 2 of the Alice B. Rabbit case." The man started the tape recorder. "Doctor are you ready?" He looked at me sternly.


"Okay well then, let us begin."

It had been a few weeks since she started staying with us. Of course the first few nights she was unstable and caused much disruption amongst the other patience. She hated being near people and even started many fights. The higher ups had decided she was to be place in solitary confinement after that. After being placed in there she seemed calmer, more relaxed.


She looked up at me with dull eyes and tilted her head. "Yes Doctor."

I smiled. "How about you call me Agatha."



She shrugged and went back to drawing on the blank piece of paper I had given her earlier. I leaned over her shoulder to see what she was up too.

"Alice what are you drawing?" I asked slightly curious.

"Wonderland." She replied.

"Wonderland? What is wonderland?" I got my notepad ready. My notepad had seemed less intimidating to her than a stack full of papers and a clipboard.

"It is where the butterflies want me to go." She replied, no emotion as usual.

She stopped drawing after that and faintly I heard a soft giggle.


She shook her head and continued drawing.

"I noted that days events into my notepad. Alice had become increasingly intriguing to me as the days went on. She enjoyed what others hated and hated what others loved. I'd often find her talking to someone she called Mr. Caterpillar. He was mentioned alot during those conversations with herself." I told the officer.

"Did you ever see this so called Mr. Caterpillar? Did he ever come for visits?" he asked confused.

"Oh no sir, you see the thing is with Alice, she didn't want any visitors. Not even her own parents when they did come. No, she refused any type of human contact." I replied.

"Except you though Doctor."

I looked at him and nodded. "Only me."

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