Whether you spent Christmas at home or away, the goose got fat, got plucked and got eaten..
Then after a week of leftovers and snacks, we count down 10 to 1, and the ball drops, the clock chimes and poppers are popped. In one breath, we move from the end of 2017 to the very beginning of 2018, in a moment we begin again. It's a fact I can never manage to get my head around.
We sing Auld Lang Syne, and everything goes back to the norm..
I returned to work and typically so did the rain... I arrived at work with soggy shoes and a definite chill.. my shoes sat on top of the radiator for the rest of the day..
A drastic change from relaxing nice and cosy sat infront of the tv..
But perhaps there are some things I can bring into my day to day. This Christmas I got a coach and went to have Christmas with my a Mum.. The day after I arrived we got up early and did the big Christmas food shop. Now bear in mind, I live with others but I cook for myself..But by the end of last year the standard of my eating habits had lowered considerably.
Like Really. Breakfast was a few cake bite squares and for ease lunch was a packet of crisps (or 'chips' to any American readers)
As mad as it sounds, for me, Christmas was a long awaited to eat much, much, much,...much healthier food.

We bought enough vegetables to fill a 1 by 1/2 metre box, the fruit bowl was overflowing and every morning was begun with a big bowl of my Mums delicious porridge.
After choosing our meals together for the holidays when I first set foot into the supermarket back home, I ended up being rooted to the spot. I'm not being overly dramatic for effect, I mean I literally had no clue what to get on my shop..
I do usually pick up a random bunch of items, and some master plan will emerge, (often inspired by whats on offer), but a VERY random mix of items went in the trolley that day...
So for my second shopping day of the year I made a food plan for the week, even down to the fruit and vegetables I intend to eat. I factored in flexibility, but have several meals planned.
It was very satisfying to see all the items I had on my shopping list be ticked off and a LOT quicker too. Also a lot less opportunities for me to buy random stuff..

Such a simple basic thing- having a food plan, but it's something I never bothered to do till now and I think Is actually going to help me a lot.. A 'Healthier and happier' 2018?

What changes or things from the holidays will you be bringing into 2018?