It was all supposed to go so well. Travis was simply supposed to break in and check what this guy was all about. No it want the school bully, or a principle, a the guy next neighbor to his house. It was the resident psychopath, Peter Tanner. He had heard stories about this guy. The guy would kidnap and torture people for pay or sometimes just because he felt like it. If someone pissed him off. He would make sure they would never be the same. That's what Travis had heard about him. He had tried to find the truth. Something in order to stop him but now here he was, strapped down in Peter's lair. Pimples on his face and cuts all over his body. He groaned in pain as the man came out of the shadows.

"How are you doing there, Travis?" Peter asked with a sadistic smirk.

Travis glared up at him, "You son of a bitch."

Peter cut him with a knife. Travis let out a yell in pain.

"Had to teach you a little lesson there." Peter said, "Remember who you're talking to."

"You're going to burn in hell you bastard." Travis said viciously, "How could someone as sweet as Jessica be related to you!?"

Peter shot him in the eye with an arrow. Travis screamed in agony as Peter smirked.

"Go ahead, scream." Peter said, "No one can hear you." He went to get the arrow but then he shoved it farther in his eyes. Travis let out more screams. Peter's phone began to vibrate and he looked at the text he got. It was from his friend, Felix.

Hey Pete, wanna come over?

Peter groaned and sent Felix a texting saying he was busy. He looked back to Travis who was still in pain and grinned. He made his way out of his lair.


Jessica was watching tv in the living room. Peter had walked behind her. She looked at him.

"Petey!" Jessica said, beaming at seeing her brother. "You should watch tv with me!"

"What are you watching?" Peter asked his sister.

"It's this movie about a family going on a road trip." Jessica said. "I have popcorn." She held a bowl out with a grin.

Peter smiled and went and sat down next to his sister. He grabbed some popcorn and ate it. Jessica ate some as well as she turned her attention back to the movie.

"I think I've seen this one." Peter said.

"What?" Jessica asked, "No way I'm pretty sure it just came out."

"Nah I've watched this before I'm sure." Peter smirked

Jessica gave him a light slap. "Nonsense there is no way you watched this."

She giggled and went back to watching tv. Peter did as well. Once again, he had made a sucker pay and she didn't suspect a thing. None of them did.

None of them ever did...