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I know its far too late to have a Christmas story, but everyone needs some cute HowPaws-ness at any time of the year!

I hope you enjoy these six chapters of cuteness!


It was Christmas!

How didn't exactly know what that day meant, but Sophie and Lucia seemed very excited about it. They were putting up lights and funny looking decorations around the house, including bells and streamers.

The weirdest thing, however, was the tree.

Trees belonged outside! Birds lived in them, animals climbed them, and Paws had a few trees she liked to scratch with her claws to keep them sharp. Trees were interesting and fun, but they needed to be outside so they could grow big and strong.

So when Brevan went out into the woods and then came back with a massive tree that he dragged behind him on a net made of rope, How was unsure what it meant. Surely Ina wouldn't let a dirty tree that belonged outside be brought inside!

However, Ina did so, even helping him bring it in and set it up in a corner of the house.

How watched the tree be set up, and Sophie and Lucia giggled and danced as they pulled boxes full of sparkly things out of closets.

"You know what going on Paws?" He asked, turning to an equally confused cat. At her meow of denial, How walked over to Sophie, who was busy sorting the big pile of sparkly things into smaller piles of sparkly things.

"Sophie, why is tree in the house?"

"We're gonna decorate it with lights and stuff!" Sophie answered, picking him up and letting him look into the piles.

How looked at the piles of shiny stars, red and green baubles, tiny glass figurines, and other assorted decorations before nodding. The girls had already decorated everything else, why not a tree too?

"Why?" He asked, still a bit confused.

"Because it's what we do for Christmas!" Lucia answered, coming to stand by her sister. "Once Papa and Mama set up the tree, we'll decorate!"

How hopped down from Sophie's arms and walked over to Paws, nuzzling her as he explained what the tree was for.

"Alright," Serena smiled, balancing the tree perfectly in the corner. "It's all ready to decorate! Let's get started!"

The girls grabbed a pair of baubles each by their hooks, walking over and handing them to their parents, who stretched up to hook the baubles on the tallest branches. Then the process repeated, the girls hooking the decorations on the lower branches as they worked downwards.

How and Paws watched, their wide eyes following the sparkling ornaments until How walked over. "Come on Paws! We try now!"

His paws gripped a bauble and walked down to the lowest branch, struggling to hook it onto the branch himself as Paws followed him, one of the Christmas stars on her head.

Sophie giggled as Serena knelt down to watch her Comforter try his hardest to get the hook to catch.

"How, do you want help?"

"No, I can do it…" How growled, attempting to flick the hook over the branch, growing more and more red before pouting.

"Please help me, Ina."

Ina giggled, hooking the bauble over the branch as she petted How. "You're doing fine How try again."

Paws used her head to place the star on a branch, somehow managing to make it dangle perfectly as her eyes went wide, her claws batting at the star and making it move back and forth as she went into a trance.

How let Paws watch the star as he grabbed another bauble, walking over to the other side of the tree and finding another low hanging branch.

"I do this!" He growled, flicking the hook over the branch and then slowly withdrawing his grip, turning pink and vibrating as the bauble stayed! He did it!

"Good job How!" Lucia smiled, ruffling his hair as she handed him another bauble.

As they finished decorating the tree, How noticed that the piles of decorations were getting smaller, and there was a lot of tree to still decorate! What if they ran out?

Well, Ina didn't seem too worried, so maybe there were more decorations in the boxes that he just couldn't see.

Walking over to the boxes, How shook one, hearing the jingling of bells as he smiled. Bells would look nice on the tree! He'd just tip the box over and start organizing the bells, and that would make Ina happy!

Huffing and puffing as he began to pull at the box, How growled, grunting as the box finally tipped over and caused the bells to crash onto the floor.

Paws yelped and leapt into the air at the loud sound, instantly doing the only thing she did when she was scared. Climb up the nearest tree! Monsters and scary sounds couldn't get her from up there!

Her claws dug into the trunk as ornaments and needles went flying. She bolted upward with several yelps, before sitting on the highest branch and shuddering with her eyes wide.

How growled at the bells, shushing them as he turned to Paws. "Paws no be afraid! I make sound by mistake!"

Serena picked up a bell and gently jingled it. "See Paws, How knocked this over. That's all."

Hissing with her back arched, Paws glared angrily at How. Why would he try to scare her? That wasn't very nice at all!

She looked at the bells, lowering her ears and straightening her back as Brevan extended his arms. Hopping into his arms, Paws then leapt to the ground, nuzzling How to show she forgave him before spitting at the bells.

They were bad!

Lucia smiled and began picking up the ornaments, handing them out.

"Well, at least we get to do it again!"

Sophie clapped her hands and began hanging up some of them as her parents chuckled. "We'll make the tree even prettier!"

How vibrated pink as the girls' emotions overwhelmed him, and he picked up a small bell and walked towards the tree branch, trying not to let it jingle.

Sophie and Lucia could make everything brighter! Now they would get the tree right and hopefully nothing else scary would happen.

Then maybe he could figure why Christmas was so important.


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