Suffocating Skins

Leave me alone!
Just go away for god sake!
You cannot be me.

Cannot live in this skin
That I have inhabited for years.
You know it doesn't fit you.

You don't know how it works,
Don't understand it's functions.
Go away you pest, go away!

You think I am like you,
But you do not understand the concept.
Your ignorance is astounding!

I laugh at you through angered teeth.
Are you still here?
Poof, run, flee!

Don't tell me how to live
What to do,
What to be,

I am me,
Who I am,
I am fine.

Fine! You think you want to help?
Well here is me,
Here's my skin,

Put it on,
Join the fun.

Shut up! Shut up!
Be gone you fool!

I shall run away and hide
My head under the covers.

A brooding silence settles on your shoulders.
Don't forget to squish against the wall!
Don't forget you're a shadow!

Help me! Help me!
No, don't help me,

Spill the wine and fire
Explodes from your eyes.

Hardly breathing, breathing, breathing,
Gasp for air
And your sorrows fall from your eyes.

Stop time, stop time,
Stop it right now!
I am late, I'm behind.

Why can't you wait?

I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I'm sorry I'm me.

I cannot help,
Please, sorry
Don't leave.

Hide in a dark hole.
Let the world forget
Until I grow old.

Can you feel your chest tightening?
The speed of your heart racing?
How much of this madness can you take?

Oh look!
My skin is trying to kill you!
Don't worry, it will all be over soon.

Oh God! Oh God! I'll die!
Body shaking,
I can hear you making

A racket.
While I try to decide
Whether I want silence or uproar.

But God!
This feeling like my gut
Is trying to crawl out my mouth tires me.

Sleep! I want to eat!
Or fall off the face of the
Earth, just to make it stop.

You know you're being ridiculous,
But try to tell your body that.

Hello dear body!
Would you cut it out please?
Stop being so stupid,
You don't command me!

Bursting, Exploding, Hurting, Imploding.
You missed the step,
You missed the word,
You missed, you missed, you missed.

Quiet! Give me some peace and quiet!
You're not helping!
See I told you so.