Welcome Home

Here I stand, high atop this cliff

Staring down into the sea

Winds whipping around me and below me

Further angering the already turbulent waters

Crashing themselves against the cliff in retaliation

In a vain attempt to knock it down

But despite its violent temperament, I can't help but be drawn to it

Drawn to the edge of the cliff

Gazing down into the churning abyss below me

What is that?

Long, black as the shadows

Slithering beneath the surface

Some creature or just my imagination

Whatever it is, it must know my madness

As it circles below, waiting for me

It shall not wait for long

One step is all it takes

It's all over in a blink

My mind in a haze during the journey, only to be brought back to clarity as the water surrounds me

I feel something, wrapping around me

Like rope, but….alive

It is only then do I realize, my imagination was never this good